Many people I speak to feel that walking is not enough to get them fit and healthy. This is simply not true. Walking is, in fact, one of the best forms of exercise for not just your body and fitness but also for your mind and spirit.

Here’s what science says

1. Moderate-intensity walking results in a similar reduction in risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease than vigorous-intensity running, according to a 6-year study

2. When compared to getting no exercise, a daily walk can:
✔️ reduce the risk of stroke
✔️ reduce days spent in hospital
✔️ lower your risk of death by up to 39%

3. Walking has been proven to:
✔️ lower blood pressure
✔️ lower resting heart rate
✔️ reduce body fat and weight
✔️ reduce cholesterol
✔️ improve depression
✔️ improve endurance
✔️ improve quality of life

4. Walking increases creative output by an average of 60% by opening the free flow of ideas

5. Just 12 minutes of walking results in an increase in joviality, vigour, attentiveness and self-confidence 

6. Walking in nature, specifically, reduces negative thinking and lowers the risk of depression 

7. Walking improves memory and prevents deterioration of brain tissue as we age 

8. A 10-minute walk is as good as a 45-minute workout when it comes to relieving symptoms of anxiety and boosting mood

If that doesn’t convince you that walking is enough exercise then I don’t know what will!