Walk yourself fit in just 8 weeks

Get off the couch, get fit and burn fat

Suitable for all levels – as long as you’re physically able to walk, we can get you fit!

Want to get fit but don’t want to run?

Although Running Made Easy makes running as easy as it can get, it can still be too much for many people. Maybe you’ve recently had a baby, maybe you carry a lot of extra weight, maybe you find walking aerobically challenging, maybe you have a problems with your joints or maybe, like many people, you just have no interest in running! Whatever the reason, it’s totally ok, you do not have to run! The good news is that you can get fit by walking. In fact, did you know that walking can be ask good as, or often better than, running? (Read my recent article on 5 reasons why walking is better than running)


What is WalkFit?

WalkFit is an 8-week course that is guaranteed to get your heart rate up, burn fat and improve your fitness. It consists of 3 training sessions per week, all delivered by email so that you can do your walks when and where it’s convenient for you. 

The plan is easily tailored to different needs. For example, while many people start with 30-minute walks and soon start working on speed intervals, we also have more and more participants who are unable to walk for 30 minutes so for these people I tailor the plan to suit their level, so as long as you can walk for few minutes this course will suit you!


What results can I expect? 

The goal of this programme is to get you up off the couch and moving. You’ll develop a regular routine, making exercise part of your lifestyle. Most importantly, you’ll find that you can enjoy exercise! It doesn’t have to be unpleasant and painful in order to be effective! 

The plan is designed to improve your aerobic fitness & burn fat and also to help you to learn to enjoy being active!  Exercise will become a part of your routine that you look forward to, rather than try to avoid!

After this programme, most people are ready to start Running Made Easy (though it’s not necessary, you can just keep going with these sessions and your fitness will continue to improve!)

What’s included?

  • 8-week course, 3 training sessions per week
  • You get 3 emails per week. Along with your programme, emails contain tonnes of helpful information on getting fit, preventing injuries, motivation and many other issues that will help you get the most out of this plan!
  • Suitable for ALL levels, as long as you’re physically able to walk for a few minutes – especially great postnatally or for anyone who has been very inactive for a long time, has past injuries or just doesn’t want to run.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!


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Now just €36 (8 weeks/24 sessions, that’s €4.50/week or €1.50/session!)