Walk yourself fit & lose weight with WalkFit

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5-week online course. Includes 2 Feel Good Fitness Zoom classes & community support




Suitable for all levels

Did you know that walking can be just as good for you as running?


In many ways, it’s even better. For example:

    • It’s low impact so your risk of injury is far lower (especially great if you have a history of lower back/knee/hip pain or injuries
    • It’s easier to keep up a steady pace for a longer time, which means you can burn fat from day one!
    • It’s easier to fit in your day as you don’t necessarily have to get changed or even need special shoes E.g. you can do your walk at lunchtime, walk to/from work etc
    • Because it’s less demanding, you will learn to enjoy it sooner, which means your chances of keeping it up long-term are much higher!
    • With interval training, your aerobic fitness will improve just as much as with running
    • It will be easy to progress from walking to running later on if you want to (but it’s not necessary for fitness/health)
    • It is more likely to lead to weight loss! Yes, a 30-minute run burns more calories than a 30-minute walk but you can only run 3x a week whereas you can walk every day so overall you can burn more calories per week by walking! Also, running is harder so you’re more likely to give it up/less likely to be consistent.  
    • Read my recent articles on 3 Reasons why WalkFit works where other programmes fail and  5 reasons why walking is better than running for more
Walk yourself fit with WalkFit online course

 Who is WalkFit for? 


WalkFit is created for women who have started exercising many times but always give it up sooner or later – often after just a few weeks, other times you might last a lot longer but eventually, you’ll always end up in square one. WalkFit will show you the way out of this ‘failure cycle’ and help you feel confident and good in your body again! 

WalkFit introduces you to a new approach to fitness – my motto is ‘if exercise doesn’t feel good, you’re doing it wrong’. 

With this course, you will get fit and burn calories in a way that is easy and enjoyable yet also effective. You’ll learn that moving can feel good and you’ll enjoy it, which means you’ll want to do it regularly. It should become the highlight of your day, something you look forward to, rather than try to avoid!

You will also change your mind about exercise and let go of any negative thought patterns and blocks that have led to failure in the past. This is the key to success. If you want to change the outcome, you will have to change your mind!

 What is WalkFit?/What’s included?


    • WalkFit is a 5-week course that gets you off the couch and helps you make exercise a regular part of your day.
    • The plan is fun and easy for all levels and guaranteed to get your heart rate up, burn fat and improve your fitness.
    • It’s gentle yet it pushes you enough to give you the results you want and might have failed to reach so far.
    • There are 3 to 7 training sessions per week (you can choose how many times you walk, 3 is the recommended minimum), all delivered by email so that you can do your walks when and where it’s convenient for you.
    • Emails also include tonnes of useful information and guidance eg on breathing, stretching, motivation etc. 
    • The plan is easily tailored to different needs. For example, while most people start with 30-minute walks and soon start working on speed intervals, we also have more and more participants who are unable to walk for 30 minutes so for these people, I tailor the plan to suit their level (just email me).
    • NEW! Special exercise for weight loss guidance
Walk yourself fit with WalkFit online course

Current Extras

    • A WhatsApp support group – this is group is always so much fun. You’ll get to connect with other walkers and support and motivate each other daily!
    • 2 Zoom Mindset sessions. Mindset is what determines whether you succeed or not. These sessions will help you change the way you see exercise, see it as a treat, essential self-care that you deserve, rather than something you ‘have to’ do; they’ll help you see that you CAN do it, you can be consistent and get fit; you haven’t failed, your only mistake in the past has been that you’ve probably pushed yourself too much and seen exercise as more of a punishment than something to be enjoyed (and you can and WILL learn to enjoy it if you just give me a chance to show you how it’s done!)
    • Weekly Mindset email. These will be reminders based on the 2 classes. Changing your mindset is what will guarantee your long-term success!
Walk yourself fit with WalkFit online course

What results can I expect?

The main goal of this programme is to get you up off the couch and moving. I also want to show you that you can do it – you can get fit and you can enjoy moving when you do it the right way with the right mindset. 

    • You’ll develop a routine, making exercise part of your lifestyle
    • Get fit & burn fat
    • Learn exactly how to walk/exercise for weight loss
    • You will learn to enjoy moving your body – your body was born to move and with the right approach, anyone can enjoy exercise! 
    • You’ll learn to connect with your body and learn to listen to it – work with it, rather than against it, for the best long-term results. 
    • Learn to appreciate your body as it is – it is good enough; you can feel good in your body! 
    • Connect with other women just like you and enjoy community support
    • The mindset workshops & emails will further help you to
        • Change the way you see exercise – it’ll become something you want to/choose to do rather than something you feel you have to do
        • Improve your self-confidence – you can do this! You can get fit! You can enjoy exercise! 
        • Learn mindset tricks that help you stay consistent
        • Clear any old blocks/negative beliefs you have regarding exercise/your ability to succeed

        The plan is designed to improve your aerobic fitness & burn fat and also to help you to learn to enjoy being active!  Exercise will become a part of your routine that you look forward to, rather than try to avoid!

Walk yourself fit with WalkFit online course


This is an ongoing course with a new group starting every 5 weeks. 

Next start date: 22 April

Course duration: 5 weeks

Zoom sessions: Tuesday 22nd and 30th April

Price: €50 (WalkFit repeaters €25) SPRING OFFER (normal price €65!)


Suitable for all women, all levels, all ages – nobody is too unfit for this course! 



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