Running Made Easy Online

Get off the couch today!


Suitable for complete couch potatoes, no previous experience required.

Created for women, by women

Get off the couch with Ireland’s leading learn to run course!

This 8 week online course is based on my hugely popular Running Made Easy course. You’ll have 3 weekly running sessions designed for complete beginners. You’ll learn everything you need to know about running, how to stay injury-free, breathing techniques, what to wear, mindfulness for runners and lots more.

The online programme also includes one 30 minute coaching session (on Zoom) which focuses on mindset and motivation in order to make sure you don’t give up this time and learn to really enjoy running! 

Running Made Easy is designed for complete couch potatoes, you do not have to have any previous running experience and you do not have to be fit! We start very slowly with more walking than running, building it up to 30 minutes of non-stop running in 8 weeks – you will be surprised how easy you’ll find it if you follow this programme!

This is a programme designed for women, by women, so we understand and have taken into consideration women’s unique physical, lifestyle and motivational needs and that is why over 10k women have successfully completed this programme!

What results can you expect?

  • Get fit! Goodbye couch! 
  • You’ll be able to run for 30 minutes by the end of the 8 weeks (so you’re ready for your first 5k!)
  • Improve your mindset & relationship with exercise
  • Improved mental health – running outdoors helps alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress 
  • Improved health – running can help prevent many health conditions such as osteoporosis, heart disease, blood pressure and many more! 
  • Possible weight loss – together with a good diet, running can lead to weight loss 
  • Participants also report a significant improvement in their confidence and self-esteem, feeling better about their bodies and enjoying life more

Who is it for?

  • This course is especially designed for women who are complete couch potatoes!
  • No experience needed!
  • You must be at least 18 years old, injury-free and in good general health to take part

What will you learn?

  • How to make running easy; building up from 0 to 30min
  • Injury prevention, including warming up & cooling down  
  • Proper breathing techniques that make running easier
  • Good posture & technique
  • Improve your body awareness 
  • Tonnes of training advice on pacing, gait, gear, training schedule etc – everything you need to know about running!

How it works/What you’ll get:

2 Emails per week: 

  • Your weekly programme  – detailed instructions for your 3 walk/run sessions; this includes warm-ups, intervals, cool down and often suggested additional exercises or practices to do during your run or before/after it 
  • Your second weekly email is jam packed with information – everything you need to know about running/exercise is included in these emails. From what to wear, how to buy shoes, how to prevent injuries, how to breathe, how to run with good posture, extra exercises to help you; to how to stay motivated, how to set goals, mindfulness for runners, Feel Good Fitness mindset and more!

    30-minute 1:1 coaching session with Tina

    • This coaching session focuses mainly on motivation and mindset.
    • This session is particularly helpful after the initial excitement wears off after a few weeks – this is when it becomes all about your mindset and the ability to motivate yourself and find a reason to get off the couch when you don’t feel like it. 
    • I will help you identify what is holding you back (or what has held you back in the past) and work through these issues in order to make sure that you succeed! 
    • Running Made Easy participants can also get 25% off my coaching prices, should you need more help with motivation and creating a healthier mindset and relationship with exercise. Read more about Feel Good Mindset coaching here

    Access to extra support 7 days a week!

    • If the emails don’t answer all your questions, don’t worry, you can get your questions answered by email or WhatsApp any time! 
    • Sometimes people might find the programme too challenging as the weeks go on – this, too is no problem! Just email me and I will tell you how to easily adjust the programme so that you can carry on and get to the 30 minutes! 


    I am loving it! The emails are excellent. There’s so much information. I have tried to do the couch to 5k before but have never gotten past week one! The warm ups and stretches make a big difference. I love all of the information and exercises, they are very clear!

    3 reasons why Running Made Easy works!

    1. We really make running as easy as possible!

    One of the most common reasons why beginners give up running is because they find it too hard. This is because they try to do too much too soon. You have to be patient and allow yourself to be a beginner. We teach you how to start without burning yourself out and in a way that feels good.

    2. Learn to slow down

    Another reason why beginners find running so hard is that they go too fast. We’ll teach you how to pace yourself, and start slowly – learning to run slowly is a skill you have to learn if you want to become a runner.

    3. Prevent injuries

    Beginner runners injure themselves easily because they fail to warm up and cool down properly, over-train (ie do too much too soon), run with poor technique or lack body awareness and miss the first signs of injuries. We’ll teach you how to prevent injuries so that you can enjoy running pain-free.


    You can start Running Made Easy anytime, anywhere!


    NOW JUST €50 (that’s €6.25/week or €2.08/session)
    What are you waiting for?

    Please note: It is important that you are in good general health and have no problems with your joints, no injuries and no cardiovascular or respiratory issues. It is always advisable to consult your GP before taking up running. Participation in this programme is at your own risk. If you’re unsure whether or not Running Made Easy is suitable for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me! 

    Run with Tina's Philosophy

    We reject toxic diet mentality & fitness industry fads that see exercise only as a weight loss/body transformation tool and force women to push themselves with punishing workouts in pursuit of the perfect body. 

    Our philosophy is Feel Good Fitness. We believe that exercise should always feel good - if it doesn’t, you’re doing it wrong.  Everyone is good enough and with the right mindset and programme, everyone can enjoy exercise no matter how unfit they are.

    It’s like having a personal trainer! I never had motivation to do a thing before but the emails and group are great and for some reason I can’t wait to get out because of them. I am surprised to find myself really enjoying it and I can see myself keeping this up in the future!

    Think you’re not fit enough? Running Made Easy is designed for couch potatoes!

    You do not have to be fit at all to start this programme because it is designed for couch potatoes. You just have to be injury free and be in good general health. The great thing about the online programme is that it gives you more flexibility so you can repeat a week or a session if needed (but most people don’t need to do this!). You’ll also have access to expert support so if it happens that you’re finding it hard, all you have to do is contact us for advice. The most important thing is that you keep moving!
    I am really enjoying how simple & accessible you make running – thank you so much… I’m getting better at just relaxing & enjoying the feeling of moving! I’ve followed your blog & website for ages and am so delighted to be a part of what you do. You are a brilliant role model for healthy living – thank you!


    Ready to get off the couch?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I had a baby recently, can I take part in this course?

    You should wait a minimum of 12 weeks after natural birth and 6 months after a c-section before starting running. Walking is a great, safe way to start after pregnancy - as long as you have the all clear to exercise from your doctor, you can start walking. We recommend before taking up running, you do some post-natal pilates to build up your core strength and stability in order to prevent lower back and hip pain/injuries (which are common postnatally).

    Can I take this course while pregnant?

    No. Our classes are not suitable during pregnancy.

    I suffer from shin splints or another injury/ache, can I join?

    If you already suffer with shin splints or any other injury/ache or pain, it is advisable to take care of that first as running is only going to make it worse. The best thing to do is go to a physio for advice and treatment. After an injury, it's best to start slowly to avoid re-injury so we recommend you start with WalkFit

    I am overweight, can I join?

    Yes of course!! You can join Running Made Easy as long as you are healthy, have no injuries and your doctor is happy for you to do weight bearing exercise. If weight bearing exercise is too much for your joints, it's best to start with WalkFit. 

    What is your refund policy?

    For full refund, you must cancel 24hrs before your course starts. No refunds will be given once your course has commenced. All online product purchases are final.