Our mission

is to inspire women to get off the couch in a way that feels good and makes them happy.

We want to help women overcome diet mentality, help repair the damage done by diet culture and empower women to transform their relationship with exercise and their bodies with Feel Good Fitness. 

Our Feel Good Fitness Philosophy

We reject diet mentality & fitness industry fads that see exercise only as a weight loss/body transformation tool and force women to push themselves with punishing workouts just to transform their bodies. This has led many women to dislike exercise and feel like they’re failures and never good enough. 

Feel Good Fitness offers a healthier alternative to diet mentality.

We believe that everyone is good enough and no one is ever too unfit to enjoy exercise. Exercise should always feel good – if it doesn’t, you’re doing it wrong. With the right mindset and approach, everyone can enjoy exercise, no matter how unfit they are. 

We believe that by taking your focus off your body goals and prioritising feeling good as you exercise, you will get more out of your workouts and you will also achieve the physical results you’ve always wanted. 

Our Story


Run with Tina is Ireland’s leading provider of learn-to-run courses. We were the first to offer women-only beginners’ running classes in 2009 and since then we’ve been leading the way. We are the only fitness company that specialises in beginners – our classes are for beginners only!


Our success is built on our dedication to beginners.


Our aim is to show you that you are good enough and that you can enjoy moving your body regardless of your size or fitness level. We aim to make sure that everyone leaves every class feeling good about themselves rather than feeling unfit and not good enough.

Our instructors are all qualified fitness professionals who have also undergone training in the Run with Tina method. Most of our instructors weren’t always fit but started off just like our participants – as unfit couch potatoes, scared of taking their first running steps. Because they’ve been there themselves, they are able to better relate to our participants and inspire and motivate them in a positive way to transform their lives.

Run with Tina classes are so much more than just running. Our approach is strongly influenced by Tina’s yoga background. Yoga involves breath control, self-acceptance, and learning to focus on being in the moment. These are things that runners at every level can use, and can help you go from “I can’t” to “I just did!” We put a lot of emphasis on body awareness in order to make running a pleasant experience and to prevent unnecessary injuries that so many recreational runners suffer. 

How it all started


Run with Tina started almost accidentally. In the beginning, our founder Tina Murphy, was new in Dublin, struggling to find a job for a long time so she set up a free beginners’ running group for women as a way to meet people and have something to do.

The group was a huge success as it turned out Tina had a real gift for inspiring people, making them feel good about themselves and  knowing exactly what they need. As more and more people wanted to join the group, Over the next 10 months, Tina used these free groups to develop the Running Made Easy programme with the help and feedback of the participants.  

Since then, Run with Tina has grown to a successful small fitness business with a unique approach based on our through understanding of our participants. Tina has since gone on to write a book and develop weight loss and personal transformation courses, coaching and business mentoring services for women.

Run with Tina Running Made Easy  St James Fun Run 2009
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Run with Tina Running made easy
Running Made Easy Santa dash dublin 2009