Feel Good Weight Loss & Fitness Coaching

Ready to feel good, physically, mentally and emotionally?


Let go of diet mentality and learn how a feel good mindset gets you the results you’ve been dreaming of for years! 

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What is Feel Good Weight Loss & Fitness Coaching?

Feel Good Weight Loss & Fitness coaching is for women who want to transform their lifestyles for good.

You have probably tried many diets, health plans and fitness programmes over the years and you’ve come to the conclusion that they’re all the same and none of them work! There’s no point in even trying something you know will not work so you want something new.

You want to stop dieting and pushing yourself to do all these programmes, yet you still want some results. You might want to lose weight or just clean up your diet, maybe get really fit or just exercise to keep healthy. 

We live in a diet culture so it feels like there is no alternative; that the only way to get fit or lose weight is by working hard – restricting and pushing yourself.

diet mindset vs feel good mindset

The good news is that there is an alternative! It’s called a Feel Good Mindset! It’s really simple – your main focus becomes feeling good. That is it! Nothing is as important as feeling good right now! And I’m not talking about the way a glass of wine or a chocolate bar can make you feel after a busy day – no, that kind of feel good only lasts a moment before the guilt sets in (this is typical of diet mentality). I mean really feeling good in every possible way – mentally, emotionally and physically – you have inner peace!

This all sounds simple enough but the problem is that we are so brainwashed by diet mentality that it takes consistent conscious effort to change our thinking – but that’s far easier and more rewarding than trying to stick to another crazy diet with a 95% failure rate; your effort will actually pay off this time!

Feel Good coaching will guide you on this journey and make it faster, easier and more enjoyable than it would be on your own.  I have a variety of practical tools I share with you that can change your relationship with food or exercise very fast – sometimes instantly! I will also keep you accountable, help you stop self-sabotaging and help you overcome any uncomfortable inner blocks you might bump into so that you can let go of toxic diet mentality and feel good!

Please note that Feel Good coaching is not for people who look for fast weight loss results – this is about long term transformation which starts with your mindset (it really is all in your head!) so that you can get off that yo-yo diet/exercise cycle. You will see physical results, they will feel like a great bonus and they will be sustainable (unlike fast results with diets) but they might take a little longer than with crash diets! So if you’re just looking to lose weight fast, you’re better off trying one of the millions of diets out there and come back to me when you realise they don’t work.  

What results can you expect from coaching?

While results vary depending on the person, your starting point, how willing you are to change (change begins with willingness) and how much effort you put into it,  Feel Good coaching will help you feel better instantly (otherwise, I wouldn’t call it feel good coaching!).

It is my intention that everyone leaves a coaching session feeling better than they came in!

One coaching session can help you get through a block that’s holding you back at the moment, 3-4 sessions can help you make a good start on your Feel Good Mindset journey, but for the best results, I recommend a minimum of 3 months’ commitment (this could be weekly or fortnightly sessions).

As an example, here’s what a recent coaching client achieved in 6 months:

  • Went from eating takeaways at least 4 times a week to just 2 per month – now she enjoys them and feels no guilt
  • From daily emotional binge eating to no bingeing and when she feels the urge, she knows how to handle it with mindfulness techniques
  • From feeling like a failure for bingeing and eating something ‘wrong’ to embracing these events as learning and growth experiences using feel good mindset techniques that eventually helped her overcome bingeing as well as let go of the guilt she used to feel for eating anything ‘wrong’
  • From avoiding exercise and self-sabotaging any attempts to get fit to walking daily and doing 2-3 fitness classes/week and enjoying it! (It took 2 months to develop  a daily walking routine and 5 months to get to a place where she felt like she wanted to do a fitness class)
  • From self-loathing to self-compassion and acceptance and finally feeling good enough – a long time before she has reached her goals.
  • The weight loss she’s achieved now feels like a bonus and it happens so easily, without her having to focus on it (it took 2 months before she started losing weight)


Feel Good mindset coaching for weight loss feedback
Feel Good mindset coaching for weight loss feedback

Diet Mindset vs Feel Good Mindset

Diet mentality is the product of the diet culture we live in so we all have it – it’s simply impossible to avoid. The only way out is to become aware of it and then make a conscious effort to change it. These are the key characteristics of a diet mindset and a feel good mindset – see which ones can you relate to.

From this… (a diet mindset)

  1. Your main goal is to look as good as you can. This desire guides all your choices.
  2. You focus on how your body looks – food and exercise are weight management tools, it doesn’t always feel good but it’s worth it when you see the results.
  3. Everything is about how your body looks, mental and emotional wellbeing are often sacrificed. A common belief is that you are miserable because of your body and losing weight will make you happy.
  4. You keep your eye on the prize – everything you do today is in order to reach your future goal, and that is what’s keeping you motivated.
  5. You have lost connection with your body and don’t trust yourself to know what you need to do or eat so you always need an expert or a programme to tell you what your body needs. You feel confused and struggle to find anything that works

    …To this (a Feel Good Mindset)

    1. Your main goal is to feel good – Your desire to feel good guides all your choices. Whatever you do, it has to feel good.
    2. You focus on how your body feels (not how it looks) – You move your body and eat well because it feels good.
    3. Your mental and emotional well-being are as important as your physical well-being – if one of these key areas of well-being is being neglected, the other areas suffer too, so you never sacrifice one area in order to reach your goals in another.
    4.  You focus on the present – Your goal is to feel good now. If you feel good now, it’s easy to make good choices that naturally lead to good future results because our choices are driven by our emotions.
    5. You listen to your body and intuition first – Your body knows best what it needs and it will never lie to you, so it’s important to first re-connect with your body and learn to listen to it.

    I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you. I’m not just sticking to the clean eating – I’m enjoying it. I too was/am an emotional eater [ … ] I have read all the articles you sent in-depth and this allowed me to really look at my overall health and not just the eating side of it. [ … ] I am looking after my entire health and well being and haven’t felt this well in a long, long time.


    Morning! I feel great this morning. Hand on heart, I don’t know the last time I woke up this fresh. Tina, you have given me a whole new view of things. A combination of a positive attitude, healthy eating and decent sleep and I just feel amazing! THANK YOU! 



    • All coaching is done on Zoom
    • All sessions are 1 hour (unless otherwise agreed)
    • Service can include food diary monitoring and exercise routines if required – this depends on the client’s goals
    • Price €80/session or 2 sessions/month for €140 or 4 sessions/month for €240 
    • SUMMER OFFER: 4 sessions for €200 to be used within 8 weeks. Offer ends 31st August. 
    • Price includes email/WhatsApp support between sessions 


    Please contact me by email or by WhatsApp to arrange your 20 minute complimentary call to discuss your needs and how I may help you!