WalkFit was meant to be just a ‘summer special’ when I started it in June but I, and the participants, enjoyed it so much and the results were so great that I decided to keep it going. I’m delighted to see more and more people joining in and repeating the course many times! Although I knew this approach and this course would work, I’m still over the moon to see it working so well and people getting amazing results! 

Here are 3 reasons why WalkFit works so well where most other programmes fail: 

1. Focus on enjoyment
Instead of focusing on a future goal such as weight loss or endurance, we focus on learning to enjoy every walk, every step. This is our main goal. The physical results will still follow because the action taken is the same and this time you will get to them because you’re enjoying the process. If you want to keep it up then you need to learn to enjoy it because you will not want to do something you dislike every day – and you shouldn’t, life is too short! Many people believe that they don’t enjoy exercise because they’re so unfit and that if they just keep pushing themselves they’ll learn to enjoy it as they get fitter but this never happens. If you don’t learn to enjoy it from the beginning, you most likely never will. 

2. Start where you are
‘Allow yourself to be a beginner’ is something I repeat over and over again to my clients. Accept what is – right now you are unfit – and start there, one step at a time. The main reason why people fail is because they try to do too much too soon by going from couch straight to CrossFit which makes the process unpleasant. When you allow yourself to be a beginner, you’re realistic about your abilities and stick to a level of intensity that is comfortable for you. This way you’ll learn to enjoy it which means you will succeed because you won’t want to give up something you enjoy.

3. Work on your mindset
If you want to end your pattern of yo-yoing and failing then this is where the work is. The way you think and feel about exercise determines whether you want to do it or not, because every action starts as a thought and thoughts are based on your beliefs and feelings. We work on letting go of diet mentality that sees exercise as something we have to do and as a weight management tool and develop a Feel Good mindset that sees exercise as something we choose to do because it feels good.

If you’re ready to get off the couch and join our fun gang of walkers, the next 5-week course starts on Monday 7th November.  Read more here