overcome emotional eating & diet mentality for lasting results!


4-week group coaching programme for women who are done with dieting and toxic diet culture.


Change the way you feel about yourself and changing the way you treat yourself becomes easy! 

BAD NEWS: Diets don’t work!

If you’re like the average woman, you start a new diet every 6 months. You probably also know that diets do not work and if they do, the results are usually short lived: 97% of people fail to maintain the results long term. Yet, we keep trying the same approach, over and over again, as if we’re under some sort of a spell, unable to see that if it hasn’t worked before it’s very unlikely to work for us this time. 

Why do we do this? Would it not make sense to try something else? For me, it took many years to even realise that there might be another option,  and even then it took me some time to let go of the dieting mindset and be willing to try something else. I think we are so brainwashed by the €200 billion industry and the media, that we find it hard to believe there is any other alternative because we never hear anyone talking about it. The old dieting approach makes the industry a lot of money so why would they care that it doesn’t work? Why would they talk about a way that actually works? It’s my mission to help you see that there is another way, easier way, a more self-loving way that you will actually enjoy! 

GOOD NEWS: I know a way that works!

Dieting burnt me out!


Personally, I got to a point where I was mentally and physically exhausted from trying to control my eating and then failing. The more I tried, the harder I fell. The more I failed, the worse I felt about myself. Even though I knew most women were caught up in this endless soul-destroying cycle, I still felt like there was something wrong with me, I wasn’t good enough, I was lazy, didn’t have enough willpower… I am sure you are familiar with all these feelings! It didn’t help that I worked in fitness & health and knew everything you need to know about nutrition, fitness and weight loss. I felt like I was even a bigger loser and a total fraud.

So I said enough. This is not working and I’m going to find out why not and what does work. And so I did and it worked and now it’s my pleasure to share this way with you!

The real problem


The first thing I realised was that, actually, diets should work. It’s true that many of them are not healthy or sustainable and the industry is far from ethical, but in theory, weight loss is about calories in vs calories out. Eat less than you burn and you’ll lose weight. It’s simple, so most of them should work if weight loss is your goal and you stick to them.

And that’s the real problem – we cannot stick to diets. We self-sabotage. We say we’ll eat healthy this week and by Monday evening we’re back to our old habits. 

Many women want nothing more than to lose weight so you’d think they’d stick to a weight loss diet no matter what, right? But we all know how hard it is and this is the root of the problem. So the question we need to ask ourselves is why are we unable to control our eating? Why do we self-sabotage? Why do we eat all the things we said we wouldn’t eat?

The answer


The answer lies in our unhealthy relationship with food, our negative body image, self-hatred even, feeling not good enough and lack of self-acceptance and self-love.

      • When you don’t feel you’re good enough, you’re always going to self-sabotage any attempts to better yourself.
      • When you don’t like your body it’s impossible to treat it well.
      • When you have emotional attachments to food, you’ll always have to work hard to manage your eating so sticking to a diet is impossible. 

The work

The work you need to do is nothing to do with food or controlling what you eat,

      • it’s about your mental and emotional wellbeing.
      • It’s about self-acceptance, finding ways to feel better about yourself
      • and letting go of the toxic diet mentality.

It’s inner work. It’s work at the root of the problem and once you’ve done this work, the symptoms (unhealthy eating habits/inability to stick to diets) will also disappear.


Motivation based on self-hatred vs self-love


Diet culture says ‘lose weight so you can feel better about yourself’. This is what I call motivation based on self-hatred – I am not good enough, I must change so I can feel better. This doesn’t work. When you feel bad about yourself you’re always going to self-sabotage and those low feelings are going to lead to emotional eating. 

My way, the way that’s worked for me and is now working for my clients, says ‘when I accept myself and learn to feel good about myself regardless of my size/shape, I will treat myself well‘.  This is motivation based on unconditional self-love and acceptance. When you love someone, you want to treat them well, you will not want to sabotage their every attempt to reach their goals, you want to support them, right? It works the same way with yourself:  learn to accept yourself and feel good about yourself now, the way you are, and transformation will naturally follow, it’ll be easy and you’ll enjoy the process. 

The truth about weight loss

Food and weight issues rarely have anything to do with food. It’s about how you feel about yourself, your unhealthy relationship with your body and food, as well as lack of self-worth and self-love. 


This is a 4-week group coaching course that will kickstart your inner journey towards a healthier and happier you! We meet weekly on Zoom in groups of 5-10 people for 1 hour. The sessions are mostly discussion-based and won’t be recorded so please make sure you’re able to attend each session! 

Outline of the course:


Week 1: Chat about diets & our experiences, how to change through acceptance (5 steps)

Week 2: Your relationship with food, tools and ways to improve it

Week 3: Your relationship with your body, self-acceptance, how to make peace with your body

Week 4: Improving our self-worth, general guidelines for healthy eating, Q&A 

Note: This is a rough outline – each week we cover so much! It hugely depends on what comes up and I always take requests and questions from participants. Radical self-acceptance, self-love and self-awareness are key themes with most groups. Mindfulness and being more present also come up regularly! 

Some results you can expect:

    • Overcome emotional eating and learn to deal with trigger situations in a mindful way
    • Improved self-awareness and self-acceptance
    • Overcome diet mentality and let go of yo-yo dieting
    • Learn from your past failed attempts at weight loss/healthy eating so you won’t repeat the same mistakes
    • Learn how to transform your life through acceptance
    • Heal your relationship with food – take control so food/your cravings no longer control you
    • Heal your relationship with your body
    • Learn to treat yourself with more compassion – become your own best friend
    • Learn to connect with your emotions and your body
    • Learn mindful eating and other useful techniques that will transform the way you eat
    • Experience more inner peace
    • Connect with other women and learn that you’re not alone! 

If you do the work, this course can be truly life-transforming. Although the focus is on weight/body issues it will positively impact every area of your life.

Your relationship with food, the way you treat your body/yourself, is a reflection of your relationship with life. It shows how you feel about yourself, your level of self-respect and acceptance. So this is a good place to start if you want to create a new, better life for yourself. If you can heal your relationship with food and your body and realise that you are good enough, then there’s nothing you cannot do or achieve!

How does it work?

Weekly Zoom class:

This is the core – if you can’t make the Zoom class at least most weeks then please do not sign up! In this class, with a small group, we discuss the topic of the week (see above), I’ll give everyone individual guidance and tips and we share personal experiences.

Weekly email: 

I’ll also send you an email with summary of what was discussed in the class and instructions for the week. You’ll also get a recoding of the zoom class in case you’ve missed it or want to watch it again.


Each week I’ll give you homework  – self-coaching questions to explore on your own and/or other simple exercises. Please make sure you have time for this (not much, half an hour a day or even an hour once a week. A lot of it is thinking and self-exploration which you can do while walking, cleaning, driving etc) and more importantly – the motivation.

Extra support:

We’ll have a WhatsApp support group and you’ll have access to extra 1-on-1 support via WhatsApp/email/messenger anytime you need it. During this course, participants can also book private coaching sessions with me at 50% off.

Note: the results you get from this course depend on the work you put in; simply listening to the zoom talks or reading emails is not enough so please do make sure you have the willingness to do the work.


The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.

– Carl Rogers, psychologist                                                     

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you. I’m not just sticking to the clean eating – I’m enjoying it. I too was/am an emotional eater [ … ] I have read all the articles you sent in depth and this allowed me to really look at my overall health and not just the eating side of it. [ … ] I am looking after my entire health and well being and haven’t felt this well in a long, long time.





START DATE: 16th March, for 4 weeks. 

ZOOM sessions on Wednesdays at 7pm Irish time.

PRICE:  €65 (new course intro price – normal price €100)

Please note there are only 10 places on each course! 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.




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I’m loving this plan so much and the positive attitude towards nutrition and diet. I have lost 10lbs and I haven’t felt like I’m on a diet at all!