Get off the couch

with WalkFit or Running Made Easy


Suitable for complete couch potatoes




Running Made Easy

Running Made Easy is our original course – over the last 12 years, 15k women have taken part in this course with amazing results! The course is suitable for complete beginners, even couch potatoes, no previous running experience is required. Over 8 weeks you’ll go from running for 1 minute to 30 minutes using a walk/run method. The pace is slow and the great thing about the online course is that you can take longer than 8 weeks to complete the programme, so if at any stage it gets too hard, you can repeat that session until it gets easier – that way, you cannot fail!

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If you’re not quite ready to start running or have no interest in running, WalkFit is for you! This course is particularly designed for women who dislike exercise and/or have a long history of starting programmes only to give them up after a few weeks or months. We start slowly and focus on enjoyment – this is the key to long-term success! You will be surprised by how your fitness improves with just walking and, most importantly, how much you enjoy moving your body! 

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Even though Running Made Easy makes running as easy and gentle as possible, it still takes a bit more motivation and is physically more demanding than WalkFit.

If you’re unsure whether or not Running Made Easy is for you, and especially if you’ve been inactive for a long time,  I would recommend starting with WalkFit – it’s never a bad idea to start slowly and learn to walk before you run! 

I am loving it! The emails are excellent. There’s so much information. I have tried to do the couch to 5k before but have never gotten past week one! The warm ups and stretches make a big difference. I love all of the information and exercises, they are very clear!

It’s like having a personal trainer! I never had motivation to do a thing before but the emails and group are great and for some reason I can’t wait to get out because of them. I am surprised to find myself really enjoying it and I can see myself keeping this up in the future!

I am really enjoying how simple & accessible you make running – thank you so much… I’m getting better at just relaxing & enjoying the feeling of moving! I’ve followed your blog & website for ages and am so delighted to be a part of what you do. You are a brilliant role model for healthy living – thank you!