Join your friend on our new Online programme!

Now with a new Run with Tina Mindset programme

Created for women, by women

Includes WalkFit, Running Made Easy & Re-start Running

Combines Zoom, emails & private forum. 


Get off the couch with us

I’m so excited to launch this new online programme! I know that many of you feel ready to get going again (I sure do) and while we cannot meet in class together, we’ll do the next best thing which is connecting over Zoom. This will also allow people who don’t have classes in their area to take part, which is excellent! 

This new online programme includes plans for all levels of beginners:

  • If you’re not ready to run yet, there’s an 8 week WalkFit plan (walking is really excellent for fitness!)
  • For those ready to start running slowly, there’s our good old Running Made Easy (RME) – over 10k women have taken this course and many say it’s the best programme they’ve ever taken. The programme is the same as before, with just few tweaks here and there,  because it works, so why change it?
  • If you want to start again and don’t want to go back to the very beginning of RME, there’ll be a plan for re-starters.


Run with Tina Mindset

What I’m really excited about is our new Run with Tina Mindset programme. We have always talked a bit about the importance of a positive attitude and self-belief in our classes but now we’re going to talk about it A LOT because it is what makes all the difference! No matter how good a programme is, if your mindset is wrong, you’re not going to keep it up.

When it comes to fitness, most people start with the completely wrong mindset, often the opposite of what it should be – we tend to start feeling like we have to do something because we’re unfit, not good enough, lazy losers etc, thoughts based on self-hatred. The Run with Tina Mindset programme is based on self acceptance and love, realising that you’re good enough, so what if you’re unfit now, you can still feel good; positive self-encouragement rather than beating yourself up, gets results. 

I look forward to getting off the couch with you

Tina x 


I am loving it! The emails are excellent. There’s so much information. I have tried to do the couch to 5k before but have never gotten past week one! The warm ups and stretches make a big difference. I love all of the information and exercises, they are very clear!

Choose a programme according to your level: 

Running Made Easy

Based on our hugely popular Running Made Easy course, you’ll have 3 weekly running sessions, starting with more walking than running and ending with your first ever nonstop 30 minute run! This plan is designed for complete couch potatoes, no experience is needed!

Read more about Running Made Easy.


If you’re not quite ready to start running, we have an 8 week WalkFit plan that will get you moving and fit! Walking is great exercise and done right, can be as effective as running. After completing this plan you will be ready to start running (if you want to). 

Re-start running

If you have recently stopped running and want to start again, you might want to skip the first few weeks of Running Made Easy if you’re not completely and totally unfit – if you’re really firmly back on the coach, feeling unmotivated and lazy, then it’s best to be kind to yourself and go back to the very beginning of Running Made Easy. 


What you’ll get: 

3 Emails per week: 

  • Email with detailed instructors for your 3 walk/run sessions; this includes warm ups, intervals, cool down and often suggested additional exercises or practices to do during your run or before/after it 
  • 2 emails packed with information on anything from choosing the right gear to correct breathing, posture and injury prevention. Emails also include motivational and mindset advice, tips and exercises.

Weekly Zoom session

  • These sessions will mostly focus on mindset; why the old attitude of ‘no pain no gain’ doesn’t work, what is a positive mindset, how to develop it, mind tricks to help you enjoy exercise and overcome challenges and more! 
  • We’ll also briefly review the previous week’s progress and look at the following week’s programme and have a Q&A.
  • Summary of these sessions will be included in the following week’s email and you’ll have access to the recording as well should you miss it. 

Extra support

  • You’ll be able to connect with other runners/walkers in our private Facebook group
  • Access to expert support 7 days a week to make absolutely sure that you get the most out of this programme.
  • If needed, you’ll be able to book extra one-on-one Zoom sessions with Tina at a discounted price. 

Be unstoppable

Running is easy when you start where you’re at. Most people don’t do this so they find it hard because they try to run too fast or too far, too soon. People say ‘I’m too unfit to run’ but you aren’t. You might be too unfit to run a 5k right now but you could probably run 1 minute slowly, if not, maybe 20 seconds? Start by doing whatever it is that you can do comfortably, however little it may be, as long as you start it’s better than not starting. 

When you start with the right approach, slowly, one step at a time, it becomes easy and you’ll find yourself enjoying it! That’s when you feel unstoppable. That’s the feeling you get with Running Made Easy.

It’s like having a personal trainer! I never had motivation to do a thing before but the emails and group are great and for some reason I can’t wait to get out because of them. I am surprised to find myself really enjoying it and I can see myself keeping this up in the future!

Think you’re not fit enough? Running Made Easy is designed for couch potatoes!

You do not have to be fit at all to start this programme because it is designed for couch potatoes. You just have to be injury free and be in good general health. The great thing about the online programme is that it gives you more flexibility so you can repeat a week or a session if needed (but most people don’t need to do this!). You’ll also have access to expert support so if it happens that you’re finding it hard, all you have to do is contact us for advice. The most important thing is that you keep moving!
I am really enjoying how simple & accessible you make running – thank you so much… I’m getting better at just relaxing & enjoying the feeling of moving! I’ve followed your blog & website for ages and am so delighted to be a part of what you do. You are a brilliant role model for healthy living – thank you!




START DATE: tbc, for 8 weeks.

ZOOM sessions on tbc Irish time. 

PRICE: €5/week – total €40 (normal price €48)

Please note that this course is for women only, you must be 18+ and it is important that you are in good general health and injury free.

If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The FAQs below answer some of the most common queries we get. 




Next start date tbc

Frequently Asked Questions

I had a baby recently, can I take part in this course?

You should wait a minimum of 12 weeks after natural birth and 6 months after a c-section before starting running. Walking is a great, safe way to start after pregnancy - as long as you have the all clear to exercise from your doctor, you can start walking. We recommend before taking up running, you do some post-natal pilates to build up your core strength and stability in order to prevent lower back and hip pain/injuries (which are common postnatally).

Can I take this course while pregnant?

No. Our classes are not suitable during pregnancy.

I suffer from shin splints or another injury/ache, can I join?

If you already suffer with shin splints or any other injury/ache or pain, it is advisable to take care of that first as running is only going to make it worse. The best thing to do is go to a physio for advice and treatment. After an injury, it's best to start slowly to avoid re-injury so we recommend you start with WalkFit

I am overweight, can I join?

Yes of course!! You can join Running Made Easy as long as you are healthy, have no injuries and your doctor is happy for you to do weight bearing exercise. If weight bearing exercise is too much for your joints, it's best to start with WalkFit. 

What is your refund policy?

For full refund, you must cancel 24hrs before your course starts. No refunds will be given once your course has commenced. All online product purchases are final.