Break Free from Diet Mentality

From toxic diet mentality to a Feel Good Mindset


Change your mind – change your life!




What is diet mentality? 

Diet mentality is the product of diet culture where women’s worth is measured based on their size and shape and one of the core beliefs is that losing weight will make us healthy, happy and confident. How good we feel about ourselves is based on our size and weight, meaning that most women feel not good enough most of the time and believe that if they could just lose a little weight they would feel better.

Diet mentality is characterised by an unhealthy relationship with food – food is a weight management tool (as is exercise), some foods are guilt-free while others are ‘synful’, you start a diet regularly, counting or measuring every bite you eat, only to ‘fall off the wagon’ again and binge eating like you’ve never seen food before.

Along with this, goes a very unhealthy relationship with your body. You might hate your body or some parts of it, you feel it’s not good enough and you need to change it in order to be happy with yourself.

You’ve also lost connection with your body and can no longer rely on your own intuition and body’s wisdom to guide you. You might never feel hungry, you cannot tell what your body needs, you feel tired, achy or just generally not great all the time, and you’re often disappointed with your body when it seems to let you down by eg not responding to a diet the way you think it should. You never listen to your body – when was the last time you asked your body how it feels or what it needs? Because of this disconnection, you feel confused and don’t know what to do, so you drift from one programme to another, easily falling for the latest fad, failing to find something that works for you.

Consequences of diet culture

You would think that this obsession with food and weight would lead to some pretty great results but it doesn’t – it actually has the opposite effort 97% of diets fail, all that happens is we are stuck in this cycle of yo-yo dieting. And, in fact, it’s letting go of diet mentality that will lead to the results you wanted.

Insecurities, pressure, fear, feeling not good enough, never good enough. If you lose weight then you have to stress about not gaining again, so even women with ‘perfect bodies’ feel insecure and under pressure, because if they ‘let themselves go’ their value will immediately decrease.

Don’t you think it’s time we all said no to diet mentality and started treating ourselves with the respect we – and our bodies –  deserve?

What is a ‘feel good mindset’?

A feel good mindset is based on a healthy relationship with yourself, your body, food and exercise. You take your focus off how your body looks and instead focus on how you feel – physically, emotionally and mentally. All you want is to feel good, it’s that simple.

You do what makes you feel good now, not in the future. You re-connect with your body and your own intuition and you check in with yourself every day, how do I feel, how does my body feel, how does this food make me feel and so on. 

Everything you need to know is within you. Your body knows what it needs, it is constantly communicating to you – aches, pains, tiredness, bloating, anxiety, headaches, and so on these are all your body’s ways to communicate to you. 

You need to switch off all the toxic information you’re being bombarded with 24/7 and tune in, ask the only expert that really knows what’s best for you – your body! 

Aims of this course

    • Let go of diet mentality & break the cycle of yo-yo dieting
    • Develop a healthy ‘feel good’ mindset where how you feel, physically, mentally and emotionally, guides your decisions
    • Re-connect with your intuition and your body – it knows what it needs
    • Improve your relationship with your body – work together with your body rather than against it 
    • Improve your relationship with food
    • Take control of your eating and health naturally, in a way that feels good  
    • Feel good now – don’t waste another moment feeling guilty, ashamed or not good enough, life is short, lets make the most of it by enjoying every minute! 

Course outline

This is a 4 week series of workshops – this is a general outline, the details may change based on the group’s needs

Week 1: from diet mentality to a feel good mindset

In this workshop, we’ll discuss the problems with diet mentality, how it’s affected our own lives, what needs to change and why. We will also discuss the principles of feel good mindset so that you can start practising these immediately.

After this workshop, you should have a clear understanding of what the problems with diet mentality are and why diets have not worked. You will be armed with simple feel good mindset tools that will help you feel good immediately!

Week 2: Relationship with food and body

One of the consequences of diet mentality is an unhealthy relationship with food and our bodies. This workshop will help you identify and understand your relationship with food and your body and you’ll learn how to start changing them. We will also start talking about emotional eating 

After this workshop, you will have a clear understanding of your relationship with food and your body, and the areas you want to change and you will have the tools to change them. You will learn exercises to reconnect with your body and understand its needs and you’ll also learn to identify and understand emotional eating. 

Week 3: undoing diet culture brainwashing/breaking habits


In this workshop, we’ll examine some beliefs and ways of thinking that are normal to us but are actually problematic and needs to be changed. We’ll talk about the media, food/diet industries and advertising, and how these influence us. We will also continue our discussion on emotional eating. 

This workshop will give you lots of ‘food for thought’. You will open your mind and start questioning many of your old beliefs, you will see how they do not serve you and you’ll be ready to let them go and replace them with healthier ones. 

Week 4: Breaking free

This last workshop will pull together everything from the first 3 weeks. We will talk about practical tools you can use to break free from diet mentality while at the same time developing a healthy lifestyle. We’ll go through the principles of feel good mindset again. You’ll learn about practical tools that will help you make decisions that make you feel good, we’ll talk about the importance of self-compassion, mindful eating/mindfulness as well as intuitive eating. 

After this workshop, you should be ready to face the world with a new feel good mindset and never diet again! You will have plenty of tools and information to help you continue with this work in the future so that you can continue to be free and feel good. 


This course is NOT ant-weight loss, nor does it promote weight loss. My philosophy is ‘your body, your choice’ whatever you want to achieve, I will support you! If you want to lose weight, this course will help you develop a healthy Feel Good mindset that will make the process enjoyable. If you want to just learn to be happy with your body the way it is, this course and a Feel Good mindset will help you achieve that too.

The goal is to be happy and to FEEL GOOD physically, mentally and emotionally. 


Next start date: Thursday, 13th October at 7pm GMT,

Each workshop is approx 1 hour. Zoom workshops will not be recorded!

Course duration: 4 weeks

1:1 coaching: The course includes one 30-minute 1:1 coaching session per participant

Price: €80



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