This is one of my favourite postures to do myself and to teach to my girls as it’s such a powerful posture you feel the effects immediately.

It particularly targets your hips, which is where a lot of issues originate from. If you suffer from sciatica, lower back pain, tight hamstrings, hip flexors or IT band syndrome. It is also great for relaxing and relieving stress and anxiety.

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For complete beginners this can be tricky to go into, and a bit uncomfortable, but with a bit of practice you’ll learn to enjoy it.

Start on your hands and knees, bring your left knee forward and place it on the floor near your left hand with your knee bent.

Keep your hands on the floor, arms and torso straight.

Straighten your back leg, walking your foot as far away from your body as you can – imagine trying to do half splits with your back leg.

Now straighten your torso, level your hips – put one of your hands on your sacrum briefly and check that both buttocks are level.

Let your hips relax and sink into the posture. You can either stay with your arms straight, or you can put your elbows and the floor or, if you feel comfortable, you can relax your upper body completely and put your forehead on the floor.

Relax your body completely and breathe normally. Stay in this position for at least 2 minutes – the longer you stay the better.

If you feel discomfort or tightness in your hips, direct your breath to that area. Imagine breathing in cool, soothing air and breathing out tension and discomfort.