When did you start running?

Sporadically in 2004 but “properly” in 2008.

How often do you run, and how far?

When I’m training for a race I try to get in at least three to four runs a week. Distances vary – at the moment my “long runs” are getting longer in the lead up to the marathon. When running for pleasure, I probably go twice a week and tend to do a 5-mile circuit near my house.

What is it that you like about running?

Fresh air – I hate exercising indoors. It’s a cheap, easy way to keep fit. I like that I can throw on the runners wherever I am – I’m not tied to class times, and so on. It also enables me to eat whatever I want! The only drawback is weather. It can be incredibly hard to head out into cold and rain.

Do you listen to music when running?

Yes. If I’m on my own I find it almost impossible to run without music.

Do you run on your own or with someone else?

I have a training partner for the marathon, but we find it hard to co-ordinate our shorter weekday runs. But it’s incredibly beneficial to have someone with you on the 12+ mile runs. They can be very boring on your own, and a partner can keep you motivated when you’re lagging and vice versa.

What kind of runners do you wear?

Asics Nimbus for women.

What sports bra do you wear?

I have tried a few different brands but keep coming back to an old M&S one as it has the perfect amount of support and comfort. They’ve stopped making them so I’ll probably wear it until it falls apart.

Do you participate in any other complementary sports (yoga, pilates etc)?

I found yoga really helped with suppleness, but the time demands of marathon training mean I just don’t have time for other sports. I’m starting to swim though as a way to loosen tired legs.

Have you ever had any running-related injuries?

Loads! Have had lots of trouble with iliotibial band. In the early days I kept getting shin splints as I wasn’t training properly. Also plantar fasciitis – again because my gait was a bit off.