When did you start running?

Last year, the day after St. Patrick’s Day to be precise!

How often do you run, and how far? 

Four times a week. At the moment 5k but I am building towards 8k in 2 weeks’ time, then 10k in a month.

What is it that you like about running?

I like that you can feel the effects of it so quickly unlike for example with a workout class. Within two weeks you feel much fitter, healthier and it is great for shedding a few pounds.

Do you listen to music when running? 

Sometimes. If I am going for a longer run yes, but if I’m only going to be running for 30 minutes it is not essential.

Do you run on your own or with someone else?

I run with my boyfriend sometimes but I much prefer running alone.

What kind of runners do you wear?

Asics gel 1150 but they need to be replaced as they’re about two or two-and-a-half years old.

What sports bra do you wear? 

I have a few good Nike ones or whatever I have clean!

Do you participate in any other complementary sports (yoga, pilates etc)? 

I have recently started playing badminton again with work colleagues. I used to play as a teenager and I do the occasional gym class and go walking.

Do you frequently participate in races / fun runs? 

We have signed up for three fun runs/competitive races in the next six weeks and intend to do them maybe every couple of months over the next year.

Have you ever had any running-related injuries?

No, not really. When I started out I had the odd knee or back complaint but I think that is common when starting out, they disappeared after a couple of weeks.