Mindset for Weight loss

Are you ready to do some real transformative work to stop dieting forever?

Join my new 4-week course to transform your relationship with your body, food and dieting.

WARNING: this course has the potential to totally transform your life! 

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Time to ditch the diets and look within

Diets don’t work – we all know this by now, surely? Even when they do work, 90% of people regain the weight they lost (and then some). Why, then, do we keep looking for that one diet that is going to work, when we’ve tried them all? Why do we insist on trying to same old method that clearly doesn’t work? Would it not make more sense to try something different? I guess one reason is that it can be hard to find an alternative to diets – you have to remember that this is a €200 billion industry whose main goal is to make money so why should they change something that works for them? That wouldn’t make very good business sense! The industry marketing is also very convincing and when everyone around you seems to buy into it, it’s easy to see why we’re all refusing to believe that dieting is not the solution.

The way out…

To break this endless, soul destroying cycle of dieting that so many women are stuck in, we need to ask what are we doing wrong? The fact is that, actually, if you stick to them, most diets should work because you burn more than you consume, in theory weight loss is very simple maths, but here is the problem: we don’t stick to them. The problem is not what we eat or don’t eat, the problem is that we find it impossible to stick to diets. So the question we need to ask is why can’t we stick to diets? And, furthermore, what can I do to change this? Fact is, I cannot stick to diets so what can I do now?

This is where you’ll learn that everything starts with learning to accept yourself unconditionally – self-love is the answer. Through coaching and self-inquiry, this course will help you discover that you are good enough and that you can feel good about yourself now. The great thing is that when your self-esteem improves and you feel good about yourself, making good food choices becomes easy and we all know that good food choices lead to health and weight loss!

The difference is that until now, you’ve tried to change your body through dieting so that you could love and accept yourself; after this course, you’ll be making those courses because you value yourself and want to look after yourself well – you’re motivated by self love. 

I’m loving this plan so much and the positive attitude towards nutrition and diet. I have lost 10lbs and I haven’t felt like I’m on a diet at all!


What’s included?

      This course combines weekly group coaching sessions with self-coaching/self-discovery exercises for you to do on your own each week. We’ll cover the following topics and more:
        • Talk about diet mentality & learn to deal with the constant toxic diet mentality messages we’re being fed
        • Explore and heal your relationship with food, your body and yourself
        • Let go of any unhealthy false beliefs you hold regarding food, weight and your body
        • Adopt healthy beliefs that will help you transform your lifestyle and health and keep it up long term, easily
        • Develop new self-love habits to support your new lifestyle and beliefs about yourself, your body and food
        • Learn to accept yourself and your body
        • Make a true commitment to yourself and your wellbeing and become your own number one supporter
        • Please note that this course is interactive so some topics may change and others will be added according to participants’ needs.

Some results you can expect:

      What you get out of this course, depends on what you put in. If you attend the sessions and do the work, even just some of, you can expect life changing results, such as: 
        • Overcome emotional eating in trigger situations
        • Improved self-awareness and self-acceptance 
        • Overcome diet mentality and let go of yo yo dieting
        • Learn from your past failed attempts at weight loss so you won’t repeat the same mistakes
        • Learn how to transform your life through acceptance
        • Improve your relationship with food – take control so food/your cravings no longer controls you! 
        • Start healing your relationship with your body 
        • Learn to treat yourself with compassion – become your own best friend
        • Learn to connect with your emotions and your body 
        • Learn mindful eating and other useful techniques that will transform the way you eat
        • and more! 

How does it work?

Weekly Zoom class:

This is the core – if you can’t make the Zoom class at least most weeks then please do not sign up! In this class, with a small group, we discuss the topic of the week (see above), I’ll give everyone individual guidance and tips and we share personal experiences.

Weekly email: 

I’ll also send you an email with summary of what was discussed in the class and instructions for the week. You’ll also get a recoding of the zoom class in case you’ve missed it or want to watch it again.


Each week I’ll give you homework  – self-coaching questions to explore on your own and/or other simple exercises. Please make sure you have time for this (not much, half an hour a day or even an hour once a week. A lot of it is thinking and self-exploration which you can do while walking, cleaning, driving etc) and more importantly – the motivation.

Extra support:

We’ll have a WhatsApp support group and you’ll have access to extra 1-on-1 support via WhatsApp/email/messenger anytime you need it. During this course, participants can also book private coaching sessions with me at 50% off.

Note: the results you get from this course depend on the work you put in; simply listening to the zoom talks or reading emails is not enough so please do make sure you have the willingness to do the work.


The truth about weight loss

Food and weight issues are very rarely have anything to do with food. It’s about how you feel about yourself, your unhealthy relationship with your body and food, as well as lack of self-worth and self-love. 

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you. I’m not just sticking to the clean eating – I’m enjoying it. I too was/am an emotional eater [ … ] I have read all the articles you sent in depth and this allowed me to really look at my overall health and not just the eating side of it. [ … ] I am looking after my entire health and well being and haven’t felt this well in a long, long time.


Who is this course for?

This course is for all women who are sick and tired of dieting. You probably feel disheartened after years of trying numerous diets only to find yourself back in square one time after time. You might have been left with low self-esteem, feeling like a failure,  lacking willpower, lazy and never good enough. This is what yo yo dieting does for you – it destroys your self-esteem, which only makes you feel more desperate and hence likely to want to try the next diet that promises to do what all the others before failed… and so the cycle continues.

This course will help you break free from this cycle if you put in the work – in other words, you need to be ready to do the inner work which isn’t always easy but neither is dieting and the results from this are guaranteed to be hundred times more rewarding, in many different ways! You will learn to accept yourself, feel happier, feel good in you body, have a new attitude towards food and healthy living that will make eating right natural and easy.

Note that this course does not include any advice on what to eat – I’m sure that you have plenty of diet information already – we will focus 100% on the emotional side/inner work as detailed above. 

I have to say I’m really glad that I found your Facebook page 3 weeks ago. I was looking for something to help me kick my sugar habit. I’m now 3 weeks off sugar and I feel much better. Incredible I have lost 12lbs in those 3 weeks. I have never eaten better. I can’t believe that I love making the recipes! I find them easy and delicious. I am keeping up with the positive self talk and telling myself that I can continue to eat and live this way. For me the whole package just worked. Thank you so much.





START DATE: 9th February, for 4 weeks. 

ZOOM sessions on Wednesdays at 7pm Irish time.

PRICE:  €65 

Please note there are only 10 places on each course! 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.




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