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This class was fantastic, it’s just the right matter what your level. Even if you think you’ll never be able to run this class is for you. Without even noticing all of a sudden you’ll be running 15mins non stop, then next thing you know the class is over and you’ll be running 30mins non-stop. As well as the running, Tina’s stretching and toning exercises are excellent and really get you toned and ready for running without injury. And even if you lose motivation after finishing the course Tina is always at the other end of an e-mail, very willing to help you get back running. A definite must for everyone!

Sarah, Running Made Easy

The couch potato line was what drew me into starting up running with Tina in the first place. I was quite unfit and had little motivation to change. I was apprehensive that when I joined, the class would be full of people that were super fit already but there was no need for me to worry. Tina has a great teaching method and it makes you actually enjoy running. One year on and I’m still keeping it up. Thanks for everything Tina!!

Niamh, Running Made Easy

I really enjoy running with Tina. I love the safety of a running group. I love that I am more likely to run when I have committed to meeting up with people at a given time. Tina is great – a mix of sensible running and stretching advice, with some holistic therapies and vegetarian recipes thrown in. She is good fun, very patient and the whole running group gels together on the runs. I am really enjoying running 8-10 km at the moment, when this time last year I couldn’t have run 500 meters without getting out of breath.

Mel, Running Made Easy

I totally recommend a Run with Tina course. I never thought I’d see the day I finish a 10k run, but with Tina’s help I was able to do so. The training sessions were friendly, fun and encouraging, since not only do you gain from Tina’s excellent knowledge and training tips, but you also realise that you are learning with a group of supportive women in the same boat.

Catherine, Running Made Easy

I always wanted to be able to go out and enjoy a 30 minute run but could never get past 5-10 mins.Tina’s biginners course was exactly what I needed to get up to the full 30 mins. I really enjoyed the course and met some lovely people (who I still meet up with for regular runs!) I’ve ran a number of fun runs and I’m running the mini marathon again this year, wouldn’t have been able to do it without all the help from Tina and the girls from the group!

Maeve, Running Made Easy

….the breathing and the stretching have made all the difference…I did the beginners course last year and we are coming to the end of the refresher course this week….It doesn’t matter what age you are….I’m 44 and am thoroughly enjoying the camaderie and the running…Tina keeps a watchful eye on your posture and gives us good advice and positive feedback.

Leona, Running Made Easy

Just finished a 8 week course with Tina and am delighted to say that Tina really does make running easy.My main aim was to improve my breathing as I went along, with the breathing exercises Tina thought, this helped me greatly. I never thought I would say I enjoy running but am delighted that as a result of the course I now do. Would recommend this course with anyone, thanks again Tina

Maureen, Running Made Easy

Just finished the beginners course. My objective at the beginning was to be able to run through more than a single song. I had to spend last weekend updating my i-pod because I more than achieved this goal.

Tina amazed me week after week judging just how far to push us along from the 1st, 1 minute run to the very last class. Great advice & encouragement for running and general fitness. I’m delighted I did the course & have already recommended it to others.

Carol, Running Made Easy

In the space of a couple of months Tina has turned me from a person that could find any excuse under the sun not to exercise into someone who looks forward to going for a 5km run three times a week! Tina offers brilliant support & encouragement to beginners that in no time at all you’ll be amazed that you can run so far in such a short space of time!

Gillian, Running Made Easy

Tina’ s like a one-woman fountain of knowledge – she can offer advice on everything from stretching to breathing to nutrition and of course, running. Tina’s patience and encouragement make her the perfect teacher. You won’t realise how easy it is until you do it! She’s definitely a miracle worker :) I’m now running 5k three times a week, no bother and it’s all thanks to Tina!

Denise, Running Made Easy

I enjoyed the running course with Tina so much! She’s very friendly and encouraging, gives excellent advice about everything – from exercises to do, to buying runners. Tina is so encouraging, and i feel like a real runner after only 2 months – she has made it easy, and so enjoyable! I’m now running 45 mins non-stop, and it feels great to have the support of Tina and the rest of the group behind you!

Anne Marie, Running Made Easy

Just want to say Tina is great she’s friendly and doesn’t shout at you but rather encourages you to do better, each time. Three months ago i could barely run 5 mins now I’m running 45mins to an hour!!!!

Tess, Running Made Easy

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