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I’m finding the group really good. The support is excellent and I know I would have given up by now if I wasn’t answerable to you!


I’m finding the support on fb great, and like everyone else a bit worried about the longer runs which are coming up, but trying not to think that far ahead. The whole online thing is great – we have all the
benefits of a class with support etc, but at a time of our own choosing.


Firstly, thank you for this online group, I had wanted to join the classes but I work a split between Dublin and Kilkenny so never seemed to be in the right place to commit to it. I’m loving the support in the group and for once I’m actually sticking to it! I’m beginning to look forward to my runs these days…we’ll see what happens when the running time increases past my current comfort zone 🙂


So far I’m loving it. I have found the Facebook group brilliant and very motivating. It’s also been great having you giving the reminders because if I was left to my own devices I’m not sure I would have made it to week four. I have tried to do the couch to 5k before but have never gotten past day one week one!
I have done the warm up routine and stretches every time, which again is something I wouldn’t have done on my own. I haven’t started the core exercises yet but will do that this week. I love all of the PDFs you’ve sent on too. They are very clear.
I realised over the last few weeks that running in a group isn’t for me at the moment. i don’t know what it is but i think when i see people out in front of me it throws me so the online programme had been fantastic for me. its completely at my own pace with all of the support i would get from a group class.

Anne Marie

 I’m loving it, it’s like having a personal trainer and I never had motivation to do a thing before but the group are great and for some reason I cant wait to get out because of them. I am determined to reel it in and knuckle down this week.


Your presence there is fantastic, it does feel like you’re completely available and the support information arrives at the right time. There’s no sense that if we have a question that you’re not here to answer it.


I am really enjoying the course you couldnt do more for us .. thank you for always being there

Anne Marie

This course suits me even better than I expected. I have an 11month old so I need to be flexible with times but the reporting back element of the course is really keeping me motivated on the days when I might have skipped it:-)


I still can’t believe I’m doing it and more important enjoying it too! My breathing feels a lot better  … So happy with myself … I really feel it’s because I can check in on Facebook with you and the other girls that its working for me Tina. I feel it’s baby steps for me and hopefully it may lead to me to a new way of thinking about exercise.
Thanks again Tina!


Really enjoying how simple & accessible you make running-thank you so much… I’m getting better at just relaxing & enjoying the feeling of moving!

I’ve followed your blog & website for ages and am so delighted to be a part of what you do. You are a brilliant role model for healthy living- thank you!


I’ve got to say I am feeling amazing!
So much more energy – I’m buzzing & so looking forward to my run tomorrow.
5 years ago (today!) I was diagnosed with breast cancer – had every treatment & surgery possible – I’m lighter on top than I was, I am healthy & well & becoming a ‘runner’!
Happy Days!


“This is hands down the best thing I’ve ever done for my fitness. I have tried to run so many times down the years and gave up after a week or two. Tina taught me the importance of pacing myself and I’m really enjoying running now. The Facebook group is great for support, motivation and a little push when needed. Now that I’m at the end I know I can keep going myself as now I know I can do it and enjoy it!”


Hi Tina .. I just want to start by thanking you for the positive lifestyle change you have helped me with. I never would have known how to run properly and safely. I also never knew how much fun it is. I am just over half way thru the course and can not believe how far I have come .. with no side effects such as soreness stiffness not even a stitch whilst running. Its as if you are there running with me telling me what to do. That is how clear and knowledgeable your tips and emails are. The buzz and high after every run from achieving the goal set to us is fab. The online support from the other girls is great .. I have made lovely friends. Im so glad I did this thanks again :-)

Anne Marie

Hi Tina, sorry for the long message but I just want to commend you on such a great idea. It gets all the women in the country who want to exercise and tone up but don’t know where to start, out and about without the expense of a personal trainer or gym fees. I don’t live in a town or city and my job is a 50min drive away so I love just having to get into the house after work, change and run back out again without having to pack a bag, get back in the car to go to the gym. And with all the guidance every step of the way you know what you’re doing is right.

I was always relatively thin and so I was always lazy and ate what I wanted but I’m 35 now and I can’t eat what I want anymore, that and my laziness has caught up with me now and I’m constantly tired, achy and bloated. But since I’ve been getting out jogging in my own time at my own pace I’m feeling so great. And so motivated by the Facebook group, all the ladies support and encourage each other so much and you don’t want to be the one not doing it.

It has made me love my exercise where before the thought was ‘meh’ so thanks, from an ex-couch potato x

Shirley, Running Made Easy Online, October 2013

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