“This is hands down the best thing I’ve ever done for my fitness. I have tried to run so many times down the years and gave up after a week or two. Tina taught me the importance of pacing myself and I’m really enjoying running now.

Jane, Running Made Easy Online, October 2013

Hi Tina .. I just want to start by thanking you for the positive lifestyle change you have helped me with. I never would have known how to run properly and safely. I also never knew how much fun it is. I am just over half way thru the course and can not believe how far I have come ..

Anne Marie, Running Made Easy Online, October 2013

The couch potato line was what drew me into starting up running with Tina in the first place. I was quite unfit and had little motivation to change. I was apprehensive that when I joined, the class would be full of people that were super fit already but there was no need for me to worry. Tina has a great teaching method and it makes you actually enjoy running. One year on and I’m still keeping it up. Thanks for everything Tina!!

Niamh, Running Made Easy

I totally recommend a Run with Tina course. I never thought I’d see the day I finish a 10k run, but with Tina’s help I was able to do so. The training sessions were friendly, fun and encouraging, since not only do you gain from Tina’s excellent knowledge and training tips, but you also realise that you are learning with a group of supportive women in the same boat.

Catherine, Running Made Easy

In the space of a couple of months Tina has turned me from a person that could find any excuse under the sun not to exercise into someone who looks forward to going for a 5km run three times a week! Tina offers brilliant support & encouragement to beginners that in no time at all you’ll be amazed that you can run so far in such a short space of time!

Gillian, Running Made Easy

Tina’s beginners course was brilliant! In the space of a couple of months I went from not being able to run up the stairs to doing a 6.5K fun run. I’m also running 5k three times a week with no problems! She’s a miracle worker!

Claire, Running Made Easy

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