1. Tie your shoelaces well – if your shoelaces come undone while running and you stumble over them you are quite likely to fall on your face – ouch. Tie them well and check before you set off!
    2. Be seen – If you are running in the dark
      make sure you wear some type of reflectors so cars will see you
    3. Look both ways – when crossing the road, stop and look both ways. If you listen to music, it is very easy to just run across the street without looking. Always cross at lights where you can.
    4. Avoid dark and/or empty parks and lonely roads – Do not go to parks (including Phoenix Park!) after dark and avoid quiet roads and other quiet areas. Stick to well lit main roads instead.
    5. Watch your steps – it is very easy to trip over on uneven footpaths, another reason to stick to well lit roads.
    6. Run with a group – Safety in numbers. Especially if you run after dark, it’s always safer to run with a friend or a club.
    7. Do not run on ice, snow or in other severe weather conditions – this is not a risk worth taking. In Ireland, we get very little snow and ice, you most likely won’t need to miss more than a week so it’s not worth risking breaking a limp. Unless you are used to running on ice and snow and have the right shoes for it, go to the gym and use a treadmill. Also avoid running in severe winds and floods.
    8. Make sure someone knows where you are – especially if you go for a long run, make sure you tell someone where you’re going and ideally carry your mobile phone with you.
    9. Always carry a fiver with you – just in case you have to stop to buy a drink or get a taxi home. Stick it in your shoe.
    10.  Keep running – unfortunately, female runners attract a lot of unwanted attention in Dublin. While it’s usually harmless heckling from beer bellied men who think they’re hilarious, sometimes it can feel pretty threatening. You might feel tempted to start shouting and/or arguing back – do not do this! Look ahead and keep running. If you feel intimidated or scared, don’t hesitate to run to a populated area and go to the nearest shop or a pub for safety – this usually gets rid of stalkers!