If you’re frustrated & stuck, whether your goal is to lose weight, be healthier or to learn to love your body as it is, this group is for you!

Women supporting women.

Starts 12th April, 7pm GMT. Scroll down to reserve your spot!

Need support on your weight loss/body acceptance journey?

Whatever your struggle with your body and/or food, you are not alone! We think everyone else has it all figured out but they don’t – at least 90% of women struggle with the same issues as you, body insecurities, emotional eating, self-sabotage, feeling not good enough… We just don’t talk about it, which makes it worse because we also hide it from ourselves so we don’t take full ownership of it and are hence powerless to change it. 

This group is a safe space for women to talk about it all and then deal with it so that we can heal it, let it go and move on feeling free and empowered, finally able to reach our goals and enjoy life! 

With this group, I hope to show you that you are good enough, your body is good enough and you can feel good about yourself today! You can change the way you see your body, you can overcome your food addictions, stop emotional eating and stop self-sabotaging. You just have to change the way you look at things – and that includes yourself!

About this group

This is a rough plan for weekly discussion topics for this group. Plan might change a little bit according to the group’s needs and wishes. 

      • WEEK 1: Introduction. Getting to know each others, sharing our stories/goals/wishes. We’ll set some goals for the group & agree on some habits we’ll work on
      • WEEK 2: How you feel about yourself is the way you treat yourself – learning to feel good about yourself, self acceptance, emotional autonomy, how to be in control of your mind, emotions & life.
      • WEEK 3: Diet mentality – food as a weight management tool, motivation for weight loss (positive vs negative), body acceptance, weight related health issues truth or myth?
      • WEEK 4: Relationship with body – dealing with body issues, how to feel good, change through radical self-acceptance
      • WEEK 5: Relationship with food – emotional eating; recognising it, dealing with it, healing it
      • WEEK 6: Diet mentality part 2 – are rules ok? Are some foods bad/good? 
      • WEEK 7: What should you eat? What is healthy what isn’t it? How can you lose weight without dieting? Exercise? Lifestyle?
      • WEEK 8: Us vs the world — media, food industry, diet & fitness industries. Social pressure. Toxic positivity & other ‘positive’ trends that might harm more than help! 

NOTE: This is a support group, not a course, so each session is in discussion form, there is no talk/slides/handouts. This is a safe space for everyone to share their journey with other women in similar situations. You’ll find that you are not alone, you’ll be able to get support and offer support by just being there and sharing your thoughts, which is very empowering! 

When women gather, great things will happen.

                                                                          – Leymah Gbowee 


This group runs in 8-week blocks. You can repeat it as many times as you want! 

START DATE: 12th April, for 8 weeks. 

ZOOM sessions on Tuesdays at 7pm GMT.

PRICE:  €80 (new course intro price – normal price €96)

Max 10 people per group!

If you’ve missed a start date, pls contact me to enquire about availability.




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