Many of our girls really struggle to stay motivated after they’ve finished Running Made Easy or Keep Running courses with us, online or offline, so we’ve come up with this fun challenge for you that’s sure to keep you going.

This is an online group (on Facebook) and is simply based on peer support. There will be no instruction or no programs given but there’ll be plenty of support, understanding and encouragement from other women just like you! Best of all, it’s FREE! 

THE MISSION: Every week, run for a total of 90 minutes.  Aim to keep this up for as many weeks as possible. This is based on 3x 30min run each week, but you can split it up in any way you wish (e.g. 10min there, 15min there).

WHO IS THIS FOR: anyone who can run for 30mins or who has within the last 6 months built up to this but might have stopped running now. If running a total of 90mins per week is easy peasy for you, you are too advanced for this challenge!

This is NOT for complete beginners. If you’re unsure whether this challenge is suitable for you or not, please email online@runwithtina.com with the title ’90minute challenge’

You do not have to be an existing Run with Tina customer to take part in this challenge, everyone is welcome!

Please note – this is for women only! 

STARTS: Monday, 12th May (but you can join any time after that too!)

COST: FREE! All we ask is that you’re willing to participate in the community.

TO JOIN:  just email online@runwithtina.com, tweet @RunwithTina or contact Tina on Facebook and we’ll send you an invite to our group.