Una is a qualified fitness instructor  and a personal trainer with a background in nursing and teaching. Una

Una is a recreational runner who loves to run in order to keep healthy  both physically and mentally without costing anything or taking up lots of my time. She particularly loves working with complete beginners and knows nothing more rewarding than seeing people go from very unfit to fit. The reason she loves teaching Running Made Easy classes is seeing people go from hating exercise and running to learning to enjoy it!

Una is one of our most experienced and best loved instructors.

What people say about Una:

Thanks you so much for providing such a wonderful course that does exactly what it says on the tin.
While the process is excellent it would be nothing without the coach, Una. Suzanne

I am so thrilled I completed the 30 minute run last night. I really enjoyed the course and Una was a fantastic instructor, so encouraging and helpful. Michelle


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