Sinead is a qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer with a background is in early childhood education.

She started running for her own enjoyment and fitness only few years ago. Sinead finds running particularly good for stress relief and peace of mind. She loves guiding women through Running Made Easy and finds it rewarding to see them go from unfit to fit and shaking with nerves in the first class to confident and enthusiastic runners in such a short time.



Thanks for such a great course and big thank you to Sinead… she is the best motivator ever and I could not have kept going without her over the 8 weeks she is just brill!


I have partaken in this type of beginners running club before and well I was nearly scared off running for life!
But this time has been very different and it is genuinely down to Sinead and her ability to motivate the group and make us all feel like we are very capable. She manages to be inclusive and constantly aware of everyone in the group and with this it has made the group very supportive of each other.