Jean is a qualified Personal trainer with a real passion for health and fitness. Jean only got into fitness as an adult and the journey was far from easy for her so she is perfect for working with complete beginners as she is able to relate to how nervous you might feel coming to your jeanfirst class or how hard it can be to stay motivated and keep on track, and how easy it is to come up with excuses!

As part of her own fitness plan Jean took up running 3 years ago and found it a cheap and effective way to get fit and also to manage stress. The sense of achievement after her very first 5k run really helped boost her confidence and gave her the drive to carry on running. She’s since taken part in 10k fun runs and haven’t looked back.

Jean is passionate about working with people to help them achieve their goals, no matter how big or small, and to show people how they can learn to enjoy exercise. She loves meeting new people, sharing experiences and having fun while exercising!

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