Here’s a selection of news, articles and blog posts that have caught my attention recently.

This is no new news, but a good reminder anyway –  Exercising outdoors twice as good for your mental health as the gym 

We are among the worst couch potatoes in Europe– more than half of Irish adults admit they don’t get the recommended level of exercise.

Lack of exercise as deadly as smoking – Sedentary lifestyle is a “global pandemic”. It causes around one in 10 deaths worldwide, comparable to the impact of smoking. It increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, breast and bowel cancer.

Now some good news – Just 15 minutes of running  day can increase your life expectancy by 5 years 

Some great tips for parents, aunts/uncles, carers etc – 28 ways to teach kids to love their bodies

And finally, food for thought if you’re always on a diet – 10 diet lies women tell