Here’s a round up of the health and fitness news and other stories that caught my attention this week:

Do you often reward yourself with a pizza for dinner or a bag of crisps or/and chocolate because you went for a run/gym, so it’s OK?  Do you order a big dessert because you had the healthy option as your main? This is known as the Health Halo Affect and is quite a dangerous trap to fall into. We’ve all done it and I often see this in classes. If you’re trying to lose weight, remember, it starts with your diet. You can’t out-exercise a bad diet so don’t go ruining all your hard work and results of that run buy heading straight to the cake shop! Have a protein rich meal or a smoothie instead and you can feel twice as proud of yourself!

I read this article – Making Friends with Food with interest as emotional eating and our relationship to food is something I often talk about with my clients – most women are prone to this to some degree. For 4% of population, the problem is so bad that they have what is called a Binge Eating Disorder; that is three times the number of anorexia sufferers, yet this issue is hardly ever mentioned. 31% of medically obese people suffer from Binge Eating Disorder. I think this is an issue that really needs to be talked about more! For more information and how to get help in Ireland, see BodyWhys excellent website

I posted the below photo from one of my favourite Facebookers, Healthy Bitch Daily the other day and it quickly became on of our most popular Facebook posts because, well, it’s true!


I am always nagging my clients to get more active. Exercise is obviously important but, what’s equally, if not more, important ,is that you stay active throughout the day. Walk or cycle places as much as you can, take the stairs, stand more… One great way to motivate yourself is to get a pedometer. Here’s how to get started: Wearing a Pedometer Can Help with Weight loss

Check out these 25 Healthy Snack Ideas to keep you away from the vending machine and junk food aisle.

A lot of recent research has been done on the importance of sleep in terms of weight loss. It’s now been proven that getting enough sleep is as important for weight loss as is exercise. Last week, a new study showed that Lack of Sleep Makes Men Hungrier and Prevents Women from Feeling Full

As it’s the time of year when those of us suffering with SAD start feeling the blues, I wanted to share a few articles on happiness and positivity that might help you get over the slump:

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And finally, just for fun…