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One on One Wellness Coaching for Women 

Having worked with thousands of women over the last decade, I know how hard most women try to get fit and healthy, lose weight and feel better and how desperate it feels at times when you’ve tried everything and nothing works. I also know from personal experience, having been a yo-yo dieter for most of my life, even while I worked in fitness (in fact, many people in fitness have a very unhealthy relationship with food and their bodies – the fitness industry, in part, drives women’s weight/diet/body obsession).

My personal experience

It took me a long time to learn that if I want to stop dieting and still be fit and healthy, instead of working on trying to control my behaviour,  I need to work on my mind and emotions and get to a point where I feel good about myself regardless of how I look, what I’ve eaten or what exercise I’ve done or not done today. I need to get to a point where I feel so good about myself that I want to treat myself well (which meant that I also needed to redefine what treating myself well means for me)

Just imagine how easy life would be if you actually saw healthy eating and exercise as a treat? As something you love, rather than hate? Imagine if you chose to do it instead of having to do it?

Imagine that a healthy lifestyle was easy, something you just did because you enjoy it and you’re so used to it that it doesn’t require special effort, you just do it. Imagine how much time you’d have to focus on other things? All that energy you spend on trying to make yourself do something you don’t want to do, worrying about it, feeling bad about it, trying to find a way to get yourself to do it… all that energy could be spent on something better, maybe starting a business, learning new skills or spending special time with your family.

Mindset is everything

When you change the way you look at things, things change. This is the truth. The problem most people have is the way they look at exercise and healthy eating and lifestyles. Our whole society sees healthy living as boring, something we should be doing but don’t want to do, exercise or healthy eating is a punishment. This is where the problem starts. With this attitude, of course it’s hard. Of course you’ll eventually fail. So if you want to change your lifestyle, this is where you need to start.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you. I’m not just sticking to the clean eating – I’m enjoying it. I too was/am an emotional eater [ … ] I have read all the articles you sent in-depth and this allowed me to really look at my overall health and not just the eating side of it. [ … ] I am looking after my entire health and well being and haven’t felt this well in a long, long time.


Morning! I feel great this morning. Hand on heart, I don’t know the last time I woke up this fresh. Tina, you have given me a whole new view of things. A combination of a positive attitude, healthy eating and decent sleep and I just feel amazing! THANK YOU! 



As your coach, I want to teach you everything I have learnt from working with thousands of women over the years, from my extensive studies of holistic wellness, self-development and psychology and most of all, my personal journey which has been quite a rollercoaster! Not only have I overcome diet/weight obsession, disordered emotional eating, but for nearly 20 years, I have also lived with an autoimmune disorder (hashimotos thyroditis) – it used to rule my life but now I’ve learnt to manage it so that I barely remember I have it!

Most of my clients are women who have struggled for years

Whether it’s to lose weight, start eating healthy or to get fit, they have tried all the diets and exercise programmes available only to end up in square one time and time again. Diet obsession has left them miserable, even desperate and with low self-esteem and very little faith in their ability to ever change. I know this place so well! While this place is uncomfortable and you feel desperate, it’s also a good place to be because at this point, you’re totally ready to give up dieting, you know it doesn’t work, so you’re ready and willing to try something new. In other words, you’re ready for real transformation.

Every client is different yet we all have so much in common.

Whatever your issue is, you probably feel alone with it, maybe even ashamed of it, but trust me, you’re just like everyone else. Most likely, I have met someone who struggles with the same issue and there’s a good chance that I’ve been there myself in the past!

Mindset work

Typically, we start by looking at your past just enough to understand your patterns of behaviour, core beliefs and experiences that have had a major influence on you. We then look at your current situation as well as where do you want to get to – this is where most of our time is spent, looking towards the future. We’ll identify any barriers and negative beliefs that keep you from getting to your goals and then we find a way to overcome these. We’ll work a lot on changing your attitude towards health and wellbeing, your relationship with your body, food and exercise as well as changing habits.

Practical lifestyle changes

I’ll also help you develop a healthy lifestyle – while I no longer like focusing on food and exercise only, I can give you practical healthy eating and weight loss advice because of course these are important too. I’ll also advise you on other lifestyle issues such as sleep, stress, work/life balance etc. Please note that these are not the main focus of coaching (frankly, this is all information you can find for free online so it wouldn’t even be a very good use of your money, in my opinion) and these will only work well together with a new positive mindset.

Your whole life transformed

One of the greatest benefits of coaching with me is not only that you’ll develop a new mindset that makes a healthy lifestyle easy, but you’ll also notice positive changes in other areas of your life. Many of the mindset issues that hold you back when it comes to health and wellness, also hold you back in other areas of your life so you might think you’re just working on getting fit and healthy but you’ll most likely end up transforming your whole life!


  • All coaching is done on Zoom
  • All sessions are 1 hour (unless otherwise agreed)

  • You’ll get plenty of homework between sessions

  • Usually, I do a mid-week check-in with my regular clients by email or WhatsApp

  • Various packages available. Prices start from €60/session when you book 5 sessions to €120 for a once-off session, or €80/session for 2-4 sessions


NOTE: Before booking, I’d like to have a quick 15 min chat with you to make sure we’re a good match. This work, while it’s hugely rewarding and transformative, is not always easy and you have to ready for it. The results you get depend on the effort you put in. I am pretty good and experienced at inspiring complete couch potatoes to change their lifestyles but I cannot do the work for you, I can only guide you and inspire you, so you have to be committed and motivated enough to do it. 


LIMITED AVAILABILITY. To apply to work with me, please contact me by email or by WhatsApp




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