Running Made Easy: 8 weeks, twice a week, €128

running made easy


Running Made Easy is the original ‘learn to run’ course that has inspired over 1,000 complete beginners to get active and start running – slowly, one step at a time. There’s no shouting instructors, pushing you beyond your comfort zone, no aching limbs, no running until you can’t breathe. There’s just enjoyable classes with supportive instructors and friendly chats.

Our eight week course has been developed over three years using our own experience, expert advice and, most importantly, participant feedback.  It is perfect for anyone who would like to get a bit fitter and start running. Couch potatoes, gym avoiders and exercise evaders are particularly welcome and we guarantee that you’ll be surprised at just how enjoyable and effective you find our classes.

How does it work?

  • We start with mixing walking with short running intervals (don’t worry, this is at a level of a complete beginner at a very slow pace)
  • Gradually, over 8 weeks we’ll make the running intervals longer until at your final class you’ll be able to run for 30 minutes without stopping!
  • We also teach you how to properly warm up before exercise in order to prevent injuries
  • We show you how to cool down and do simple stretches to prevent stiffness and aches
  • We teach you how to improve your posture in order to prevent injuries
  • Throughout the course we help you improve your body awareness
  • Worried about getting out of breath? We teach you how to breathe while running and how to improve your breathing in general – this is the key to aerobic fitness
  • We teach you motivational techniques to help you keep focused and motivated (This part of the course has been developed by a life coach.)
  • Above all, we teach you how to learn to enjoy exercise. This is the part that really sets us apart because you can learn to exercise all you want, but unless you learn to love it, you’ll never keep it up!


Can run a bit? Maybe you’ve started running on your own, done a Running Made Easy course before, starting back after a little (not too long) break or just want to push yourself a bit more. The fast track option allows you to complete Running Made Easy in a shorter time, either 4, 5 or 6 weeks while still getting the full benefit of our classes and learning all the extra bits such as breathing, stretching and warm ups.

Fast track options are:

6 weeks – you can run for 1 min 30 seconds. Price €96
5 weeks – you can run for 3 minutes. Price €80
4 weeks – you can run for 5 minutes. Price €64

Check the schedule and  venue pages for availability.

What do I get out of a Running Made Easy course?

  • Get fitter
  • Slim down
  • Learn to enjoy exercise (yes, really!)
  • Feel more confident
  • Feel less stressed
  • Sleep better
  • Feel happier and more positive
  • Make friends
  • Feel inspired to make other positive lifestyle changes
  • Save money in the longterm!


  • This class is for women only!
  • You must be at least 18 years old to take part.
  • It is recommended that people aged 50+ only take part if they are already fit and used to strenuous aerobic exercise. Otherwise, the pace of the course will be too much for you.
  • It is always advisable to consult your doctor before starting a new exercise regime, especially if you are not used to strenuous exercise.
  • If you are already a runner and still want to take part, please note that you will be expected to go at the beginners’ pace (i.e. very slowly) and follow the same programme as everyone else
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