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This is a guest post by Rosemary MacCabe 

I accept that the headline of this post sounds like an advertisement for Sure, but be assured: there is no compensation, financial or otherwise, going on here. I just love Sure Maximum Protection.


I sweat a lot. There, I said it – and I’m not ashamed. Sweating is totally natural! It’s not something I’m too embarrassed about, generally speaking, but it does get on my nerves when I’m sweating into my nice clothes or at work, where it’s inappropriate and looks as if I’ve just sold secrets to the Government and am trying not to look suspicious. Awk-ward!

I also suspect that I sweat a lot because I’m chubby. I’m not saying that in a “woe is me” way; it’s a fact. Being chubby makes certain things more likely: chub-rub (the rash you get when your thighs rub together); having a wrinkle-free face (just sayin’) and sweating profusely in public. It’s tough carrying an extra few pounds around, day in and day out!

So deodorant has long been a top priority of mine. For years I used Mitchum, although I never quite experienced the 48 hours of sweat-free living it seemed to promise. Then, a couple of months ago, the lovely folks at Sure sent me two samples of Maximum Protection to try out. I thought it was a bit weird, between you and me. I mean, all deodorants do the same thing. This deodorant wasn’t even particularly pretty, and it didn’t smell incredible or anything, so what were they expecting me to say about it?

Well the bods at Sure obviously knew what I now know, which is this: Sure Maximum Protection is the first deodorant I have ever tried that visibly reduces the amount I sweat. I am not kidding here; I sweat less since I started using this product. Does this mean my body is malfunctioning and the sweat trapped within my body is going straight to my thighs? I don’t even care.

The one con – and I say this only because it was pointed out to me on a supermarket trip with my horrified other half – is that Sure Maximum Protection is pricey, at about €7.99, and that €7.99 container only lasts about a month. But I’d pay €50 a month for the same result, so pleased am I. Try it yourself, and please, please, let me know if you disagree. I’ll be amazed.

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