Learn how to take control of your eating so that you can enjoy food without sabotaging your health goals!

4-week Zoom course.
Starts 11th May, 7pm GMT. LIMITED PLACES!

Taking control of your eating is far easier than you think!

This 4-week course will help you to understand why you just can’t resist some foods – you cannot solve a problem you don’t fully understand and when it comes to food cravings & bad eating habits, this is where everyone tends to go wrong!  You’ll also get plenty of practical tools to deal with cravings and prevent binge eating as well as self-coaching exercises to overcome any emotional attachments to food. 

This course is for anyone who struggles with food – regardless of your weight or health goals – if you feel like you cannot control yourself around food, or certain foods, you will benefit from this course! 

The aim is to help you to break the cycle of overeating/bingeing and take control of your eating so that you can make conscious food choices rather than be driven by your cravings and feeling powerless. 

Course outline

        • Week 1: Understanding why we self-sabotage, binge and/or overeat. The process of change from understanding the issue and your behaviour, through awareness and acceptance to positive actions and long term change. 
        • Week 2: Learning to connect with your body – listening to your body and understanding what it needs, understanding different hunger cues. Mindful eating and related techniques that help you to stop overeating. 
        • Week 3: Practical tools for dealing with cravings and taking control of your eating. Understanding physical addiction & why some foods are more addictive than others (the science bit!)
        • Week 4: Staying motivated and focused for long term change. Tips for goal setting, progress tracking and motivation. Lifestyle choices and how they impact your eating habits and focus. 

Course format

Each class consists of a talk followed by a brief (optional) discussion.

I’m aware many people do not like taking part in Zoom discussions so I decided to try a different format this time. I’ll start with a talk and then have a discussion on the topic. If you don’t want to take part, all you need to do is turn your camera off so I know you prefer to just listen, or if you prefer you can also choose to leave early. 



START DATE: 11th May, for 4 weeks. 

ZOOM sessions on Wednesdays at 7pm GMT.

PRICE:  €60 (new course intro price – normal price €80)

Limited places`! 

If you have any questions, pls don’t hesitate to contact me 




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