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Why do you exercise? Or eat healthy? Most people I see do so because they’re not happy with their bodies so they want to lose weight (97% of the people I see) or improve it in some way. Exercise is something that no one really wants to do but if you want a body you’re going to love, then it has to be done; same goes for eating healthy; it’s seen as a necessary unpleasant thing you have to do if you want to be slim. What happens when you achieve that goal? Will you still feel motivated to continue with your healthy lifestyle? Maybe this is at least part of the reason why diets and quick weight loss programs rarely work; because you’re motivated by your dislike of your body and once you start liking it, there’s no reason to ‘punish’ yourself anymore?

exercise because you love yourself

Exercise and eating well are good things, these are loving things to do that are going to make you healthier, stronger, happier, live longer, enjoy better quality of life… the list goes on.  Healthy lifestyles is something you want your children to adopt because you want what’s best for them and you want them to stay healthy. Lying on the couch watching TV every night, stuffing your face with processed foods, take aways, alcohol, sugar… is not a way you’d treat someone you love; this is punishing your body; neglecting it, making it sick and lethargic. I doubt there are many (if any) people who really love their body, who are comfortable with what they’ve got with all their imperfections, who spend their evenings sitting on the couch. If you really love your body, yourself, it is impossible not to want to treat your body right; move and eat well.

How do you learn to love your body? The easiest, and quickest, way is to fake it. How do you think someone who loves their body feels? How do they move? What do they do? What are their priorities? What do they think? Think about someone with an amazing body – find a picture in a magazine or online of a happy, fit woman smiling –  close your eyes and imagine being her.  How would you feel? What would you do? What would you eat? How would you feel about being active? Keep your eyes closed and really focus on that feeling – feel it, as if you had that dream body right now. Stay with this feeling for several minutes, really feeling it in your body, in every cell.

Do you see the difference? Now that you really love your body, you want to move and eat well, don’t you? And you love it, it’s not a punishing chore but more like a treat – you are being good to yourself.  You’re also not obsessive about your weight or what you eat: When you love your body, you’re able to have the odd slice of cake or an ice cream every once in a while without feeling guilty or going on a huge binge because you have a healthy relationship with food.


From this moment, keep that feeling of having that dream body with you, believe that you have it now, and treat yourself accordingly; your body is your temple. Every morning, close your eyes for a moment and get that feeling of having your dream body in your head before you get up to face the day. Every day, treat your body with the love and respect that it deserves and before you know it, you’ll be looking at your dream body in the mirror!



Many of our girls really struggle to stay motivated after they’ve finished Running Made Easy or Keep Running courses with us, online or offline, so we’ve come up with this fun challenge for you that’s sure to keep you going.

This is an online group (on Facebook) and is simply based on peer support. There will be no instruction or no programs given but there’ll be plenty of support, understanding and encouragement from other women just like you! Best of all, it’s FREE! 

THE MISSION: Every week, run for a total of 90 minutes.  Aim to keep this up for as many weeks as possible. This is based on 3x 30min run each week, but you can split it up in any way you wish (e.g. 10min there, 15min there).

WHO IS THIS FOR: anyone who can run for 30mins or who has within the last 6 months built up to this but might have stopped running now. If running a total of 90mins per week is easy peasy for you, you are too advanced for this challenge!

This is NOT for complete beginners. If you’re unsure whether this challenge is suitable for you or not, please email with the title ’90minute challenge’

You do not have to be an existing Run with Tina customer to take part in this challenge, everyone is welcome!

Please note – this is for women only! 

STARTS: Monday, 12th May (but you can join any time after that too!)

COST: FREE! All we ask is that you’re willing to participate in the community.

TO JOIN:  just email, tweet @RunwithTina or contact Tina on Facebook and we’ll send you an invite to our group.



I could write you a post about 10 keys to healthy living that include things like exercise 30min every day, eat leafy greens, drink water…. these are all very important and usually, they’re the kind of things I talk about but for some time now I’ve been trying to figure out why do we find it so hard to follow these simple, common sense guidelines. Why do we keep on doing all the wrong things, no matter how well we know what’s good for us and what isn’t?

So I thought back on my own life and realized that figuring out these three things (the first one only in the last few months) is what makes looking after yourself easy and natural – no more will power required!

1. Respect yourself

Love yourself. Accept yourself. Be kind to yourself. And when I say love yourself, I mean really love your true self, right here, right now, the way you are today. Don’t wait until you’re at your target weight or until you are able to stick to your training schedule religiously for 3 months or until you’ve landed your dream job. You need to love yourself unconditionally and treat yourself with respect. You are perfect just the way you are. Once you do, sticking to that healthy eating regime will be easy, you will get to your target weight in no time. Trust me on this one. Once you really respect yourself, you will not want to abuse yourself with junk food, it just won’t make sense any more. You will naturally want to nourish your body, show yourself love by fueling your body and mind with foods that make you healthier and more energetic. Once you really love yourself, it is also easy to be kind to yourself and allow yourself to ‘go off plan’ every now and then and treat yourself to something bad; you won’t even feel guilty for it and you won’t find it hard to control yourself.

2. Stop criticizing others

When people criticize others, they are usually (or always?) hiding their own insecurities. Next time you find yourself criticizing someone (even a celebrity!) for being too skinny, too fat, bad hair, too big a nose, OMG look at her lipstick, too this and too that… stop. Why does it matter to you what someone else looks like? Who decides what is ‘too’ anything? How do you really feel about yourself? I mean REALLY? Be honest. If you are so critical of others, you are also going to be very critical of yourself – this is a fact. So for your own sake, stop. If you really love yourself unconditionally, you are not going to judge yourself based on the size of your backside – you would want others to show you a bit more respect than that, so it’s time you started respecting yourself too.

It’s not an  easy thing to do to stop judging others over silly things because everyone does it all the time, but it is worth it. The first thing you absolutely have to do is stop watching reality TV shows – these are there just to encourage you to criticize others plus, news flash, they’re actually not really reality. Stop reading gossip magazines and for god’s sake get off and other gossip sites. Try to have a week without any of the trashy media and notice the difference. You’ll also find you have far more time to prepare those healthy meals and go out for a run!

3. Think only positive thoughts 

This goes hand in hand with the above. Once you stop judging, start replacing all negative thoughts with a positive. Even the small, simple ones like ‘oh no, I hate Mondays, I don’t want to go to work’ instead, say ‘Yay, another new week full of opportunities. I can’t wait to get started!’ It will feel a bit fake at first but as you do this, you’ll find that soon positive thoughts will come to you automatically. A really good exercise to do is to write a gratitude diary. Every evening, write down good things from that day, things you are grateful for. They can be just little every day things – it is about finding something positive in every day.


I hope this gives you some food for thought. If you have any points to add, please tell me in the comments.

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