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While Running Made Easy is aimed at complete couch potatoes, people who do not currently exercise, we do get a good few participants who have a little experience and don’t necessarily need such a slow and gentle introduction, sometimes it can even be frustrated to start so slow (while others really enjoy the opportunity to take it easy).

I’ve come up with a new Fast Track option for those who want to, well, fast track the course and skip the first few introductory weeks. This option is suitable for those with some running experience, previous Running Made Easy graduates, anyone who is already quite active and used to aerobic exercise or anyone who just likes to push themselves a bit more.

Your options are:

6 weeks – you can run for 1 min 30 seconds. Price €96/£78
5 weeks – you can run for 3 minutes. Price €80/£65
4 weeks – you can run for 5 minutes. Price €64/£52

For the rest of 2014 we have the following fast track courses available in Dublin:

22 September (Mon/Wed) Herbert Park, 6.30pm, Una - Fast track 5 weeks

29 September (Mon/Wed),  Malahide, 7pm, Jessica – Fast track 6 weeks
29 September (Mon/Wed) Herbert Park, 6.30pm, Una - Fast track 4 weeks
30 September (Tue/Thu) Phoenix Park, 7pm, Jean – Fast track 6 weeks
30 September (Tue/Thu), Blackrock, 6.30pm, Ruth – Fast track 6 weeks

6 October (Mon/Wed),  Malahide, 7pm, Jessica – Fast track 5 weeks
7 October (Tue/Thu) Phoenix Park, 7pm, Jean – Fast track 5 weeks
7 October (Tue/Thu), Blackrock, 6.30pm, Ruth – Fast track 5 weeks

13 October (Mon/Wed),  Malahide, 7pm, Jessica – Fast track 4 weeks
14 October (Tue/Thu) Phoenix Park, 7pm, Jean – Fast track 4 weeks
14 October (Tue/Thu), Blackrock, 6.30pm, Ruth – Fast track 4 weeks
29 October (Mon/Wed) Herbert Park, 6.30pm, Una - Special 6 week course

5 November (Mon/Wed),  Herbert Park, 6.30pm, Una - Fast track 5 weeks
12 November (Mon/Wed),  Herbert Park, 6.30pm, Una - Fast track 4 weeks

If you need help choosing which option suits you, you can always email us



Some time ago, I asked one of my online Running Made Easy groups to tell me what they love about running so far (it was there week 5) and here’s what the girls said (keep in mind that these are girls who just few weeks ago were couch potatoes who thought they’d never be able to run!)

Number 9 is my personal favourite :)

  1. It’s me time
  2. It clears my head
  3. It’s great stress relief
  4. It gives me more energy – better than any sugar fix, berocca or coffee
  5. The after-buzz
  6. The feeling of getting fit
  7. Feels like a huge achievement every time, every step
  8. I feel physically and mentally brighter afterwards
  9. It continues to surprise me how much I’m able to do despite how much I tell myself I can’t
  10. It makes me feel strong and healthy

What do you love about running?


Weight loss is such a complex issue, for women in particular. The part that is simple is knowing what to eat and what not to eat. If that was all weight loss is about, we would have very few overweight people. Most people know what you should and shouldn’t eat in order to lose weight – if you don’t know, just pick up any women’s magazines in the shops and you’ll lose 2 stones in a week. It’s most likely not going to be healthy, but you’ll lose the weight. Anyway, in my experience, people’s first concern is weight from an aesthetic point of view – you want to look good. Health is secondary; always, if it was people’s main concern no one would gain weight in the first place.

I know everything there is to know about weight loss and if there’s something I don’t know, I can ask one of the numerous experts I work with and yet, there are times when I struggle to control my weight. It’s not because of my underactive thyroid (though I have to say, there are times when I’m tempted to use that as an excuse not to do anything) that might make me more prone to putting on weight and means I can’t even look at certain things like sugar and refined carbs without them sticking to my belly but it’s not an excuse to being, and remaining, overweight.

It’s not because you ,or I, are lazy. You’re not weak or useless or lack willpower or stupid or unable to do it  or a failure or destined to be overweight or a greedy pig or any of those things you think you are, you’re none of them. Thinking those things is only going to make you feel worse and consequently make it harder to lose weight. But I know, it’s hard to stop thinking them either.

The problem is not just getting motivated and staying motivated – though this is a big part of it, of course, but how do you get motivated? Does it take willpower? No, it shouldn’t.  You have to start from the right place in order to be able to stay motivated easily and achieve your goals without the constant struggle associated with weight loss plans. When you’re in the right place, you don’t need willpower, it comes to you naturally and easily and you will enjoy it.

What is the right place then? The absolute key to getting to the right place is learning to believe in yourself, learning to accept yourself today – not waiting until you look a certain way to accept yourself but accept yourself the way you are today and believe that you are able achieve your goals. You need to respect yourself. If you want to lose weight because you hate yourself, then you have a rough road ahead of you and your likelihood of succeeding is poor. You need to want to lose weight because you love yourself, because you want to treat yourself well, not because you hate yourself because, believe me, if you don’t like yourself today, you’re not going to like yourself when you’re in that hot bikini; it might be for different reasons but you’ll always find something to hate about yourself.

This is not a change that’s going to happen overnight but once you start working on it, you’ll be surprised by how easy it is and how much you enjoy the process.

You might want to check out my Slim with Tina online course starting 5th August if you want to work on this underlying key to weight loss a bit more with expert guidance and support from other women just like you. Details here




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