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I was always sporty, but I didn’t always like running. I enjoyed cross-country, and I ran because it’s great exercise, but I never got much of a kick out of running for the sake of it. photo2

In my mid-20s I discovered ashtanga yoga, and as any serious ashtangi would, I focused purely on that. I stopped running, skipped the gym, and was up at 6 every morning for classes. When I moved to Dublin I felt like I needed a change, so I thought I’d give running another try, this time applying what I’d learned from yoga. To my amazement, I loved it from day one.

Run With Tina didn’t start with a business idea, it started with a desire to help other women who wanted to learn to love running as I have. I started my career in marketing, but for a while I couldn’t find the right marketing job for me. In 2009, a friend asked me if I could help her start running, so I created a programme for her that was gentler than some of the beginner programmes I’d seen, and we started meeting up regularly.

We had a great time, and soon more women wanted to join us, so I created an eight-week Running Made Easy course. Before I knew it I had long waiting lists and I’d forgotten all about finding that marketing job.

I’m qualified as a Personal Trainer  and I’m continually learning about fitness, nutrition and health. I am currently studying to become a yoga teacher under the guidance of David Curtis. And since I had my daughter Yasmin in November 2010, I’m learning even more about encouraging healthy and active lifestyles for families.

I also enjoy writing for various blogs, including my own Run with Tina Blog and I contribute to the media regularly. See our Media page for my recent contributions.

I currently see a limited number of private clients for total transformation in South Dublin

Tina’s book ‘Transform with Tina’ – the easy way to lose weight and keep it off’ is going to be out in January 2015!

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