About Run with Tina: Women's Running Experts & Fitness Trainers

Run With Tina offers beginners’ fitness classes and private training for women in Dublin, London and online. We don’t just say we welcome beginners in our classes – we only want beginners! Our main focus is on running. Whether you want to run your first 5k, lose weight, or simply find a new way to be healthier, Run With Tina can make running a fun, satisfying, and injury-free experience. Our workouts are definitely challenging, but we don’t believe you need to punish yourself to get fit. After all, your body is not your enemy — your body is you!

Run With Tina’s programmes are as gentle on your body. Our approach is drawn from yoga, including the body awareness that can help you learn to listen to your body and prevent injury. Yoga involves breath control, self-acceptance, and learning to focus on being in the moment. These are things that runners at every level can use, and can help you go from “I can’t” to “I just did!”

Running is inexpensive, you can do it anywhere, and you’re always in charge of your pace, which means it’s great for busy people who need flexibility in their schedules as well as their bodies. Not only will we get you running, we’ll arm you with exercises and techniques that ensure the shoulder-hunching, desk-hovering lives so many of us lead don’t result in long-term pain.

You’re probably wondering how fit you have to be to start running with us. The short answer is: not at all! We specialise in making running easy for total beginners.

We offer group classes and private training for women across Dublin. For more information on our classes, and to find out if Run With Tina is right for you, check out our Women’s Running Classes page.

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