This is a guest post by the beauty loving gym bunny Sinead who is one half of the very popular beauty blog Viva Adonis


Exercising can be hard at the best of times. It hurts, it’s graceless, it can be downright embarrassing.

I don’t usually recommend wearing make-up while exercising. In my mind, pores open when core temperature increases and any products on the skin’s surface will settle into these openings. Upon cool down, pores contract, trapping any products under the skin’s surface which can lead to blemishes. However, if you perish the thought of stepping out without your slap or just need the added confidence boost that feeling pretty gives, I do have some beauty tricks and suitable products up my sleeve that may just be for you!


Worried about rosy cheeks? When we exercise, the blood vessels dilate at the skin’s surface to cool body temperature and a flushed face becomes very apparent. Use a green-tinted base like Smashbox Photofinish Colour Correcting Primer to help neutralise redness and tone down flushed cheeks.

Concerned about bad skin? A heavy foundation isn’t your friend in sweaty situations; it will just slip off your face and leave your complexion looking muddy. Opt for a mineral powder foundation like those from Bare Minerals which will help soak up some of the perspiration while still clinging to the skin.

Want long-lasting coverage? Choose powder products over creams. Perspiration and body heat will melt cream cosmetics, causing them to slip on the skin within minutes. Mineral powders, again, are ideal as they won’t move as easily, nor will they harm your skin if they do become trapped under the surface.

Prevent Smudges? Stick with waterproof eye products where possible to prevent smudging and running. La Roche-Posay Respectissime is a great option as it’s the first waterproof mascara for sensitive eyes and is also suitable for contact lens wearers.

Need a confidence boost? Put some effort in. Shave your legs, apply some tan and paint your nails. You’ll feel pretty, even when you’re huffing and puffing around the track! Hamilton Tru-Bronze is a great “training tan” as it’s coloured with walnuts so, doesn’t stink when you sweat, while Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polishes are hard-wearing with a vast colour selection.

Training outdoors? Always protect your skin. Use an SPF like Bare Minerals Natural Sunscreen to protect against UVB rays which cause sunburn. If you can, get a product with a PA rating (PA+++ is the highest) to also protect against melanoma-causing UVA rays. Wear a lip balm with SPF and don’t forget to protect eyelids and ears too!

Training indoors? Most gyms are heavily air-conditioned and will dry even the oiliest of skins out if in the environment for long enough. Moisturise face and body thoroughly and stay hydrated with water. Great pre-workout moisturisers are Weleda Skin Food for face and Avéne Cold Cream Body Lotion for body.

My make-up while exercising is limited to just waterproof mascara these days. My skin is quite clear and I am confident enough in my training abilities that I don’t care if people look. If they’re staring and judging me for my red cheeks and sweaty brow, then that’s their problem. I’m there to train hard, not to look pretty.

However, I do understand that confidence is key in getting the most from your workout and I didn’t start off with a bare face and a Lycra-clad body. I spent my first six months in the gym wearing baggy clothes; strategically beautifying myself so that even when I felt frumpy, frustrated and overwhelmed on the inside, I knew I looked and felt good on the outside. Sure, it’s can be considered vain but, whatever gives you confidence and makes your quest to find the better you, easier, I’m all for that.

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