Now with a new Run with Tina Mindset programme.

All levels of beginners – WalkFit, Running Made Easy, Re-start Running & Keep Running


Suitable for couch potatoes!

Mindset for weight loss - 23rd June

The Run with Tina approach to weight loss – with real results for life.

This 4 week course is for anyone who is fed up with yo yo dieting and ready to try something new! 


Only 10 places per course!

Get off the couch with us online – anywhere, anytime:

Run with Tina Online

Includes 4 beginner levels and a weekly Run with Tina Mindset class. Guaranteed to get you off the couch and fit with a smile on your face!

Mindset for weight loss

Using Run with Tina mindset techniques, we’re going to get to the root of your weight issues and transform your health and lifestyle for good!

What Our Participants Say

Running Made Easy was absolutely brilliant! In the space of a couple of months I went from not being able to run up the stairs to doing a 6.5K fun run. I’m also running 5k three times a week with no problems! She’s a miracle worker!

….the breathing and the stretching have made all the difference…I did Running Made Easy first and am just coming to the end of Keep Running this week….

It doesn’t matter what age you are….I’m 44 and am thoroughly enjoying the camaraderie and the running…The instructor keeps a watchful eye on your posture and gives us good advice and positive feedback.


My aim at the beginning or Running Made Easy was to be able to run through more than a single song. I just had to update my iPod because I more than achieved this goal. Our instructor amazed me week after week judging just how far to push us along from the first 1 minute run to the very last class. Great advice & encouragement for running and general fitness. I’m delighted I did the course & have already recommended it to others.

I have tried to run so many times down the years and gave up after a week or two. This course taught me the importance of pacing myself and I’m really enjoying running now.

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